A Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers

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You can (and do) work anywhere—seat 32F, the B train, hotel bars, little league bleachers and wherever your feet (and your luggage) may land. With just a smartphone and a change of underwear, you’re off in a trice to tend to business in parts unknown. And even when you’re not on the road, you’re on. You are an “attorney at large.”

How do you do it? Through the maze of airport security, elusive Wi-Fi, overheated hotel rooms and telescoping time zones? “There be dragons” out there at the edges of your world! But you? You do battle. You carry on. And, frankly, from here it looks like you’re doing a pretty good job. But today we’re giving you something that will help you do it even better.

Attorney at Large: A Field Guide for the Mobile Lawyer

Stuffed to overflowing, this bonus e-guide has everything an attorney at large like you could ask for: advice on mobile technology and communications tools, favorite apps, planning tricks, avoiding travel booby-traps and much more. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Masters of Travel Q+A. Fifteen inveterate business travelers answer our questions about working on the move and give up some hard-earned travel and productivity secrets for our readers.
  • Power Tips + Tools to Keep You Functioning on the Fly. Apps, tricks and tools to keep you working at optimum speed and maximum quality. From making the most of smartphones and scanners, to attending virtual conferences and tweeting from meetings, you’ll find a wheelie-bag full of ideas to power up your output wherever you are.
  • Smooth Sailing: If We Have to Travel This Often, We Might as Well Enjoy It! This stress-reducing selection of tips is all about taking care of yourself—by staying safe, sane and healthy—while you’re roaming far and wide.

Go ahead and download the e-guide now (it makes for great airplane reading), and forward it to those traveling maniacs you call clients. They will quickly find a use for the nearly 100 links to great resources, apps and information inside. (And they’ll thank you!)

Here’s to smooth flights and soft, on-time landings!

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3 Responses to “A Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers”

  1. houston car accident lawyer
    11 February 2016 at 1:09 pm #

    I personally don’t like doing work on public wifi hot spots. It’s too easy for a hacker to be able to steal all of your information. If you are going to be working on the go, I’d invest in a mobile wifi card and give your self some peace of mind.