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Five Ways to Take Control of Your Invoicing Effectiveness

Lawyers in small firms don’t have large-scale technology systems or billing departments to help get invoices out the door. When the time comes to give a client an invoice, it is pretty much up to the individual attorney to make it ...

Wayne Nykyforchyn - January 5, 2017
support staff

Clio’s First Trends Report Paints Alarming Picture of Solo and Small Law Practice

Law practice management software provider Clio released its first annual Legal Trends Report on October 17. The survey is a compilation of data aggregated from 40,000 Clio subscribers in the continental U.S. The data, representing usage events ...

Jared Correia - December 7, 2016

Death of the Billable Hour: A Eulogy

Last month, I participated on a panel at the 2016 Futures Conference. My assigned task was to discuss whether the billable hour would finally be dead by 2026. That got me thinking about the future event that would mark the passing of the ...

Kevin Bielawski - October 31, 2016
Tech Tips Friday Five

Productivity-Boosting Tech Tips for Your Law Practice

Where Does Your Time Go? Lawyers' utilization rates and productivity measures have been hot topics since Clio announced it will release its first “Legal Trends Report” later this month. Among the most stunning revelations will ...

Joan Feldman - October 7, 2016
Clio Payments

Clio’s Payment Solutions Save Lawyers Money

Clio’s built in credit card processing, Clio Payments, makes it easy for law firms to get paid. No other integrated payment system is easier to implement. Better still, Clio Payments is cheaper than any other payment solutions offered ...

Joshua Lenon - July 21, 2016

Are You Accepting Payments from Clients Online Yet?

You should be ... and it’s easier than ever! Here at MyCase, a leading online legal practice management software, we recently announced the addition of a built-in credit card payments feature to our Payments service. MyCase customers can now ...

MyCase - June 17, 2016

Is Your Practice Area a Good Match for Flat-Fee Billing?

The benefits of flat-fee billing arrangements are numerous, from predictability to efficiency to increased client satisfaction. But not all legal matters are appropriate for flat fees. So, how do you know which practice areas are right for a ...

Erika Winston - June 16, 2016
setting fees

The Best Pricing Advice I Ever Received

Sometimes the most profound lessons arise from the simplest of exchanges. So it was for a young Jordan Furlong in the early days of his career as an adventurous service provider. He says the best pricing advice he ever received came from an ...

Jordan Furlong - June 25, 2015

Four Steps to Surviving the New Normal

It gets to be a bit much, all the chatter about the legal profession changing at the speed of light. Even if it is transforming into something quite great — I know, maybe it is and maybe it isn't — it seems nearly impossible to figure out what ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - March 2, 2015

Five Checklists to Make Your Law Practice More Efficient and Profitable

Processes are the means by which we get things done, and checklists can keep us on top of what needs to get done. That’s why pilots, surgeons and astronauts use checklists extensively. They help eliminate the fear of forgetting something ...

Peggy Gruenke - February 27, 2015

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