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Abacus Next Product Spotlight

Your Favorite Law Apps in the Cloud

By Ron Weber

Abacus Cloud-Hosting Favorite Law Apps in the CloudCybercrime is quickly chipping away at our clients’ trust in how law firms manage and secure sensitive financial data. Some have even launched class action lawsuits in protest. As state bar associations are beginning to clamp down on technology incompetency, you cannot afford to cut corners with safeguarding your clients’ personal data. In fact — as the ABA has indicated — you have an ethical obligation to take reasonable steps to protect that data.

That is where Abacus Private Cloud enters the picture. Our cloud-hosting platform acts as an encrypted virtual computer that not only stores your favorite files, but also runs your favorite legal practice management software. This takes any computer software vulnerability issues out of the equation, since hackers will need to break through 256-bit AES encrypted, SSL-A certified international data centers to access your account instead of basic anti-virus and firewall programs. This allows you to manage your law firm billing and sensitive client financial data in an extremely protected environment. You can even install other software to boost how your law software handles and organizes your firm’s financials and other data.

Addressing Your Security Vulnerabilities

Using Abacus Private Cloud can help resolve your security vulnerabilities. Our virtual cloud-hosting platform operates as an encrypted, cloud-based computer to not only install and run law practice management software but to securely store your data — all of which you can access anywhere and anytime across all devices.

In addition to our built-in safeguards, all cloud hosting accounts can be customized to meet your specific data security compliance needs. PIPEDA & GDPR? Check and check. PCI DSS? That’s covered, too.

Our accounts can even be configured to comply with HITRUST, a comprehensive data security standard designed to comply with industry standards such as ISO, HIPAA, COBIT, PCI, and NIST, along with state laws.

In addition, if you have any questions or need updates made to your account and software, our legal software-hosting experts are available to help both during and after normal business hours.

Other Abacus Cloud benefits include:

  • Lower IT Costs. Reinvest resources you are spending on in-house IT and personnel, and future proof your practice with APC. With zero up-front capital expenses on hardware, software, or network fees, APC isn’t just the smart decision — it makes cents.
  • Pay as You Grow. Clouds come in all shapes and sizes, and Abacus Private Cloud is always the perfect fit. Whether you have a three-person operation or command 300+ employees, pay for the resources you need in the moment and let APC’s rapid scalability handle your practice’s growth.
  • Full Spectrum Security. Online threats never take a timeout, but neither does APC. Our tiers of physical, network, data, and privacy security controls keep watch over your virtual environment 24/7/365. Get comprehensive protection from Abacus Private Cloud and get peace of mind.

Your Favorite Apps in the Cloud — Safe and Secure

Abacus Private Cloud puts your most important practice data and vital applications into a private virtual workspace. Your applications are available to you anywhere, anytime and from any device — eliminating IT burdens, saving costs and optimizing your firm’s performance through cloud storage management. We offer solutions and support for hundreds of business applications, as well as specific ones for the legal professions.

Contact our private cloud hosting team today to learn how Abacus Private Cloud can safeguard your software and data.

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Categories: Legal Cybersecurity, Legal Technology, Product Spotlight
Originally published November 29, 2017
Last updated May 11, 2020
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