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How to Ask for Feedback

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Ask for Feedback

If you’ve ever had someone say to you, “Come in here and shut the door,” because you “need some feedback” on that project you just finished, you may have an instant aversion to the word “feedback.” For many of us, it’s a synonym for “criticism” or “blame.” And really, who needs that?

What It Is, and What It Isn’t. Misunderstanding what feedback is and how it works keeps many lawyers from using this powerful tool to improve their practices. The real concept is simple … READ THE REST

Nothing But the Ruth!

Bar Member? Be Your Own Advocate

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Nothing But the Ruth

Forgive me, but I’m going to jump on my soapbox today.

I’m a licensed attorney in Arizona and we have a mandatory bar, so all of us have to pay to play. In 2014, I paid $460 for my bar dues, and Arizona was ranked 10th in the nation for having the highest bar dues. Despite this, the State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors voted to increase annual bar dues to $520 — even though they had information that said this would result in a $3.7 million cash surplus by 2019.

What does a bar association need with $3.7 million? … READ THE REST

Curmudgeon's Perspective

Best Way to Deal with a Jerk?

By | Dec.16.14 | 4 Comments

Otto Sorts

The associate walked into my office clearly upset and asked if we could talk. She closed the door and let loose: “George is such an asshole! He makes my life miserable and now he’s given me a bad review!” She checked off the details of this partner’s abuse and ineptitude, and the many reasons she hated working with him.

I worked with Lisa when she came into the firm a few years back and found her to be an excellent researcher, with the promise of becoming an excellent attorney. She did great work on several of my cases and I had enjoyed watching her career blossom. Recently, however, her performance had lagged. … READ THE REST

Ask the Experts

I Hate Public Speaking! Is It Worth the Effort?

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Question: I hate public speaking, but I do it because I’m told it’s good marketing. But when I take days to prepare for a single speech that brings me no new business, I’m inclined to refuse the next invitation. What am I not getting about public speaking as an effective marketing tactic?

Today in “Ask the Experts from the Legal Marketing Association,” Marguerite Downey, Tina Emerson and Ian Turvill weigh in on public speaking for lawyers, and arm you with tools for making your efforts pay off … READ THE REST


Tips for the New Lawyer

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49 Tips

This is not your usual Friday Five. Who among us couldn’t use some good advice? An encouraging little nudge or two in the right direction, or a timely kick under the conference table? And who needs good advice more than a new lawyer?

When we published “25 Tips for the New Lawyer” in 2011, it was a great big hit — and it’s still Attorney at Work’s second-most popular free download. And, just between us, it’s not only the new lawyers who have been downloading it — it seems those 25 tips resonate with more “tenured” lawyers as well.

Today — because we think you deserve an upgrade — we roll out the new, improved and expanded version of the original: “49 Tips for the New Lawyer.” … GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD

Power User

Word Styles: Automating a Table of Contents

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Power User Vivian Manning

In her latest “Power User” series, Vivian Manning has been showing how to use Microsoft Word Styles to produce documents much more efficiently. In her last column, she showed how Heading Styles can be used to structure and even reorganize documents. This time, she shows how to use Heading Styles to automate your tables of contents. No more retyping page numbers!

Too often, people make the mistake of typing a table of contents from scratch — a tedious, time-consuming task fraught with the possibility of error. That unneeded effort doubles when the document gets edited, paragraphs move and page numbers change. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Word has the ability to quickly — and accurately — create an easy-to-update table of contents for your document. All you need is a document that’s properly prepared, using Word’s Styles. Then, in just a couple of clicks, Word will automatically pull every heading that has a Heading Style applied to it into a fresh table of contents, with corresponding page numbers. … READ THE REST