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Mental Health

Do Yourself a Favor

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Do you ever feel like everything you do is for someone else — be it clients, colleagues, staff, family members, the kid at the door selling candy bars to fund his class trip — when, truth be told, you are feeling pretty darn needy yourself? Most of us feel that way from time to time, but if you can’t shake it off, something must be done!

Do Something Nice for Yourself. It’s time to stop waiting for someone else to do something nice for you. Let me suggest a few ways to do something nice for yourself. … … READ THE REST

Bonus Download

A Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

If your ideal clients are on the Internet (and if they are alive, they are), you might be missing out on a world of marketing opportunity. You can kick back and hope the random hits Google coughs up for your practice do the trick. Or you can start now and get the Internet to roll up its social media sleeves and really go to work for you.

For our new 50-plus-page e-zine, “Connected: A Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing,” we asked some of the smartest legal marketers we know to survey the social media landscape and share their ideas to help you use it more effectively for client development. … GET YOUR FREE COPY HERE

Play to Win

Addressing Pricing Questions

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Play to Win

Despite all the talk about alternative fees, many lawyers still bill on an hourly basis for some, if not most, of their work. Even those who use project pricing, flat fees or fixed fees still find the need to increase those rates from time to time. Many lawyers are uncomfortable discussing money with clients or prospects, as I’ve discussed before. Yet without a discussion about fees, it is unlikely you will get the business. Even if you do, absent the discussion of costs, it will be very easy to disappoint a client.

Today many clients feel empowered and are asking for discounts, reductions or write-offs. How you handle these conversations will contribute a great deal to the client’s perception of your value as well as your revenue. Here are some thoughts. … READ THE REST

On Balance

Keeping Better Notes

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On Balance

Yellow legal pads, containing what at least to a casual observer might seem unintelligible scribbles, abound in most lawyers’ offices. Of course, good legal business practice dictates that we take copious and clear notes to identify work we have done or still need to do, who we have spoken with, when and about what.

But note-taking — and keeping — is also critical to maintaining compliance with ethics rules. … READ THE REST

The Friday Five

Things Lawyers Say They Love About the Cloud

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Friday Five

In nearly seven years of building and leading a company that provides practice management solutions for the legal profession, you hear a lot about the pains and joys of being a lawyer. I’ve engaged with hundreds (if not thousands) of lawyers and legal professionals in that time and all of them have their stories to share. Among those who have experienced the benefits of cloud computing, one thing is evident: They love what the cloud has to offer.

Here are five things that stand out. … READ THE REST

Online Marketing

10 Tips: Why I Love Publishing to SlideShare

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What’s not to like about a large, highly targeted B2B market with low competition? Not much. That’s why SlideShare has become the Internet’s largest platform for sharing presentations. With 60 million unique visitors every month, it receives five times more traffic from business owners than any other platform of its kind. What’s more, built-in sharing tools let you easily post to your social media accounts. But tapping into the SlideShare audience requires more than simply posting your live presentation deck. … READ THE REST