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Working Remotely

5 Ways to Do More With Your Mobile Devices

By Bernie Toledano

Law firms have been expanding remote working policies for a number of years, in part to address millennials’ demand for greater flexibility in the workplace. But working remotely presents new challenges for attorneys adapting to the “new normal.” Fortunately, there are many ways you can be even more efficient by leveraging your phone, tablet and other mobile devices in your remote setup. Here are five quick tips.

1. Minimize distractions to maximize potential

Today, you can do more work-related tasks with your mobile devices than ever before. It can, however, be challenging to focus on a single task when you receive constant push notifications. Customize your notification settings to ensure that you only receive notifications from the apps that matter to you, in the ways that you want to receive them.

2. Plug the time leaks on mobile devices

Even before COVID-19, you were probably doing a lot for your clients from your mobile devices, whether responding to urgent emails from home or reviewing documents during your commute. But it’s easy to lose track of billable time when working from a phone or table. Passive time capture solutions for lawyers using mobile devices may be the answer. They use advanced technologies like machine learning to automatically record time spent working for individual clients so you can focus on doing your best work.

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3. Explore the second screen option

Have you tried using your tablet and or phone as a second screen alongside a laptop? This simple step can boost productivity significantly. For example, instead of being distracted by incoming email on your computer, you can display your inbox screen on your mobile device and monitor incoming emails during natural concentration breaks. Some mobile email apps designed specifically for lawyers can also automatically sort, prioritize and file messages into folders or your document management system. This minimizes distractions and helps you work more efficiently.

4. Conduct meetings from anywhere with mobile videoconferencing apps 

COVID-19-related office closures have highlighted how important being able to work remotely is to maintaining business function. Many firms already provide videoconferencing capabilities through applications like Zoom, Skype and WebEx on desktop computers. But yu can also join meetings by phone. In certain situations, taking these calls from your phone can help you be more productive by allowing you to use your computer to take notes, so you don’t have to switch between screens.

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5. Buy a proper headset 

There’s nothing worse than getting on an important call and realizing that you sound like Darth Vader. Jabra and Plantronics have a variety of Bluetooth headsets that provide features like noise cancellation and ensure solid vocal quality for the entire duration of your call.

No matter what the reason for remote work may be, many lawyers are still unaccustomed to working outside of the office for extended periods of time. However, there are simple ways to manage the change and reduce the stress while increasing efficiency, minimizing distraction and working smarter. Properly equipped smartphones, iPads and other devices can make a big difference for lawyers working at home by functioning as command centers that help them stay organized and manage their lives.

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Bernie Toledano

Bernie Toledano is the head of marketing at ZERØ (@ZeroMailApp), provider of the legal industry’s only mobile-first AI-powered productivity software. Bernie is responsible for overall marketing strategy, brand management, and lead generation initiatives. Prior to joining ZERØ, Bernie was the AVP of Marketing and Communications at a global real asset investment firm, where she led and operationalized the marketing strategy across several subsidiaries and built the company’s marketing technology infrastructure from the ground up. Follow Bernie at @bernietoledano.

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