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News and Trends

Friday Five

Five Things I Loved about Harvard Law’s Disruptive Innovation Conference

You knew it had to happen. After years of blogs, hashtags and conferences referencing "The End of Lawyers," "Legal Rebels" and "New Normal," the movement finally became — you’ll excuse the expression — "old school." In February, while ...

Ann Lee Gibson - March 14, 2014

Three Ways to Compete in the Coming Legal Market

In his book Evolutionary Road, Jordan Furlong describes a hair-raising future for the practice of ...

Jordan Furlong - March 3, 2014
Friday Five Trending

Trending: ReInventing the Practice of Law

In this new monthly Friday Five feature, we'll be zeroing in on what's trending each month in the business of practicing of law. To kick things off, Kandy Hopkins distills the "word on the street" (okay, make that on the web) about the ...

Kandy Hopkins - February 28, 2014
Friday Five

Five Trends Shaping Law Firm Websites

Fortunately, the discussion of websites in the legal industry has mostly changed from, “Do you have a website for your firm?” to “Have you leveraged the latest technology and best practices to fully optimize your site?” Here are five trends ...

Sachin Bhatia - February 21, 2014
New Math New Money

Are You a “New Normal” Lawyer?

That change the legal profession has both ballyhooed and rebuffed for so long? It's here. Economic tides, big shifts in consumer demands, wide-scale technological evolutions and a host of related factors are causing broad changes in market ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - February 11, 2014
T-Rex with open mouth Otto Sorts

Change, Period

The other day my son was bemoaning the new development on the edge of town that was once an empty grassland with a nice sweeping view off into the horizon. Changes, he lamented, seemed to be coming faster and faster these days. Of course, those ...

Otto Sorts - February 10, 2014
New Math New Money

New Math, New Money: New Download!

Yes, it seems we’ve been talking about the big changes coming to the legal profession for a very long time. But when the shift starts making headlines in the general media, it begins to seem more real. When academia begins to roil, you know ...

The Editors - February 3, 2014

Trendspotting With the Legal Technology Experts

The top legal technology trends this year? All month, you've been reading about trends in the legal profession: Bob Denney's annual "Hot and Not," Doug Edmund's "Signs of Hope for Tomorrow's Lawyers" and Larry Port on the legal cloud. To ...

The Editors - December 20, 2013

Legal Technology Education: Signs of Hope for Tomorrow’s Lawyers

You don’t need to be reminded what a tough market it has been these past few years. But while it’s been bad out in the trenches, imagine how discouraging it’s been for law students slogging their way through torts and contracts and civ pro ...

Doug Edmunds - December 13, 2013

2013 What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession

For 25 years now, Bob Denney has been taking the temperature of the legal profession and sharing his firm’s observations on the most important business trends in the practice of law. We're pretty darn proud that Attorney at Work readers are the ...

Bob Denney - December 3, 2013