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Content Syndicators Find Readers for Lawyers’ Writing

By | Sep.03.15 | 3 Comments

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When lawyers and law firms get focused on “creating content” (for those of you living in caves, that’s what “writing” is now called), they think mostly about the subject matter. And that makes a lot of sense, for obvious reasons. But often forgotten is how to get that content in front of the intended “audience” — as “readers” are now known.

In the good old days, law firms distributed their content by the U.S. Postal Service: Copies of lawyer-authored articles and newsletters were stuffed into envelopes, labeled and then run through the closest postal meter. But this once-bedrock activity of legal marketing hit its peak sometime near the end of the last century. Marketing assistants and mailroom clerks everywhere are not sad that this era is long gone.

Content Syndicators Make It So Easy. We now live in the time of digital distribution, usually via email. But the inherent and entirely predictable problems of law firms (mis)managing their email lists has led to the emergence of “content syndicators” or “content aggregators” specifically for lawyers and their firms. … READ THE REST

The Court's Secret Music

Speaking Lessons from the Supreme Court

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Although it isn’t something I freely admit to my friends outside the legal world, I can share with you how much fun I routinely have on Oyez.org, the Supreme Court media site. If you haven’t checked out this site yet, do so immediately! … READ THE REST

Ask the Experts

What You Need to Know About Client Feedback Programs

By | Sep.01.15 | 1 Comment

Give Feedback

Question: We’d like to start a client feedback program. What do we need to consider when implementing this type of program?

In this edition of “Ask the Experts from the Legal Marketing Association,” Jim Jarrell, Stacy Smith and Ian Turvill lay out the options for setting up a system for gathering and using feedback to improve your relationships — and your profits. READ THE ANSWERS

Well Said!

Referrals: The Sales Investigation Meeting

By | Aug.31.15 | 3 Comments

Well said 2_Attorney at Work

Let’s recap where we left off last time (in my post “When You’re Offered a Referral”): Your friend, Janice Brown, introduced you to a colleague, Jack, whom she believed to have a legal issue you could help with. Beforehand, you discussed with Janice whether she thought he would welcome the contact and how he might benefit from a meeting with you, let alone any ultimate legal advice. The introductory phone call to Jack went well, narrowing the focus on his current problem, and you agreed to meet to discuss it in depth.

It’s Time for That Sales Investigation Meeting. As an overview of some goals to achieve in your meeting with Jack, remember to reconfirm that the securities issue remains his priority — but be prepared to abandon it in favor of whatever is most pressing now. Whatever issue commands the agenda, learn the hard deadline for a solution and lead Jack through a dialog that results in him quantifying the economic importance of the problem. This not only reconfirms its priority, but also establishes a very high ROI for the cost:value relationship for your legal fees. … READ THE REST

Friday 5+ Tech Tips

Tech Tips for Teams: Smart Collaboration Tools

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Tech Tips Friday Five

In Friday Five+ Tech Tips, we invite law practice management and technology experts to share their favorite tips and tricks for tackling everyday quandaries that can prevent you from keeping your practice humming along smoothly. In the end, of course, it’s all about teamwork — and that’s this month’s Tech Tips 5+ topic. We asked a dream team of law practice technology pros for their best advice on collaboration tools for lawyers.

Here’s what’s up the sleeves of team members Heidi Alexander, Tom Lambotte, Tom Mighell, Jim Calloway, Dan Pinnington and Nora Regis. … … READ THE REST

Curmudgeon's Perspective

The Lawyer Who Liked to “One-Up”

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Otto Sorts

“I never seem to get it right enough with him,” Sara told me, as she expressed her frustrations about being on Terry’s case team. “He always has to do it better than me.”

I nodded. Terry was an ace litigator, hardworking, controlling and driven to win at everything. We had even stopped inviting him to poker night, where several of us got together to play cards, opine about life and drink a little too much. With quarter bets and a $30 limit, usually everyone could play all night. When Terry was there, though, half of us were out within the first few hours, and he wasn’t a particularly graceful winner. His need to win made the nights he was there less fun. … READ THE REST