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Shape the Law Unconference

Women Lawyers Create Their Own Agenda

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Shape the Law Unconference

Last Friday, dozens of women gathered at the San Francisco offices of Seyfarth Shaw for the first Shape the Law unconference. No, no. You didn’t misread, and that isn’t a typo. Popular in the technology world, an unconference transfers control of the proceedings from conference organizer to attendees. There is no set agenda when you arrive; you contribute to its creation. It may sound strange, perhaps chaotic, as it’s easy to picture a lecture hall with everyone shouting ideas as one or two people squiggle unintelligibly on blackboards.

The Shape the Law organizers — Laura Maechtlen, Mary Redzic, Alexandra Devendra and Jeena Cho — did their homework to avoid such calamity, and the result was an afternoon of discussion, connection and community.Read The Rest

Marketing Gold in Your Data

Three Simple Steps to Smarter Advertising Decisions

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Research data wp

Information sitting in your law firm’s case management software can help you make better-informed marketing decisions — including where and when to advertise. Most firms have the information they need. It’s just a matter of making a priority of getting at it, and actually following through. Here are three steps you can take to fine-tune your marketing with a little basic data.Read The Rest

Product Spotlight

LEAP – One System to Manage Your Solo and Small Law Firm

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Leap Practice Management

LEAP can increase law office billing by as much as 30 percent because the system facilitates capturing every service provided to the client  — and that makes the investment well worth the money. Focused on Serving Small Law Firms LEAP is a cloud-based law office management software supplier with…Read The Rest

Get to the Point

Blog Posts: Are You Clickable?

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Get to the Point

Email marketing should be part of your internet marketing plan. (See “The Big Three Internet Marketing Activities for Lawyers.”) Emailing new posts from your blog to a list of clients and prospects increases the return on your blogging time (and maybe money) investment. The best e-newsletter or blog does nothing for you if it doesn’t get read.Read The Rest

Product Spotlight

Revolutionize Your Small Law Firm with Smokeball Activity Intelligence

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Ai Reports 2

How do you know if you’re really busy or just doing busywork? Becoming more productive and profitable is next to impossible if you don’t understand how your team is truly spending its time and allocating its energy. Your law firm needs real, actionable data and business intelligence to make…Read The Rest

Spotlight Q&A

Shape the Law: Why an ‘Unconference’?

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The inaugural Shape the Law Unconference will take place April 29, 2016, in San Francisco, focused on “Wellness, Wealth and Wisdom.” Attorney at Work is proud to support the new event as a media sponsor. We asked Jeena Cho, one of the four enterprising Shape the Law founders, to fill us in. First, what is an “Unconference”? Read The Rest