The Friday Five

What’s the Buzz with Legal Marketing?

By | Apr.11.14 | 1 Comment

The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) held its annual conference last week in Orlando, Florida, attended by more than 1,200 professional marketers. The buzz focused on a range of [...]

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The Friday Five

Five Things I Loved about Harvard Law’s Disruptive Innovation Conference

By | Mar.14.14 | 4 Comments

You knew it had to happen. After years of blogs, hashtags and conferences referencing "The End of Lawyers," "Legal Rebels" and "New Normal," the movement finally became — you’l[...]

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Friday Five Trending

Trending: ReInventing the Practice of Law

By | Feb.28.14 | 1 Comment

In this new monthly Friday Five feature, we'll be zeroing in on what's trending each month in the business of practicing of law. To kick things off, Kandy Hopkins distills the "wor[...]

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Free Download

Are You a “New Normal” Lawyer?

By | Feb.11.14 | 4 Comments

That change the legal profession has both ballyhooed and rebuffed for so long? It's here. Economic tides, big shifts in consumer demands, wide-scale technological evolutions and a[...]

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Curmudgeon's Perspective

Change, Period

By | Feb.10.14 | 1 Comment

The other day my son was bemoaning the new development on the edge of town that was once an empty grassland with a nice sweeping view. Changes, he lamented, seemed to be coming fas[...]

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New Math, New Money: New Download!

By | Feb.03.14 | 1 Comment

Yes, it seems we’ve been talking about the big changes coming to the legal profession for a very long time. But when the shift starts making headlines in the general media, it [...]

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