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Product Beat

What’s New in Legal Technology? ABA TECHSHOW 2017

ABA TECHSHOW has been the place to learn what’s new in legal technology for more than 30 years — particularly on the small firm side. Last week in Chicago, we scoped out the ABA TECHSHOW 2017 exposition hall. Here are a few highlights, including entrants in a pre-show “Startup Competition.” Read The Rest


Referral Madness! Stay on Top of Staying in Touch


This is something old-school lawyers say a lot: “Your best sources of referrals are your existing clients.” And, for word-of-mouth, referral-based law firms, it’s probably true that referrals from other lawyers or from existing clients are 1-2. However, your existing clients will only remain good referral sources if you determine to stay in contact with them, making your desire for receiving their referrals known — and not in some indirect way, either.Read The Rest

Get It Done

Believing in Your ‘Why’ Can Lead to Joy

I’ll begin by pulling the Band-Aid off quickly: After 15 years, I’m leaving the e-discovery space. For those who know me, this will come as a really big surprise — especially given my longtime social media moniker “eDiscovery Gold.” In truth, the decision was surprisingly easier than I expected. It was easier because of my strong personal mission statement, vision, values and beliefs.Read The Rest

Well Said!

Do You Deserve Business Development Training?

Having your own clients and business has long been characterized as “critical” for lawyers in firms of any size. Now that’s elevated to the survival level. The days of paternalistic law firms maintaining client-less lawyers at their long-time compensation levels (or at all) is over. Now, those lawyers’ compensation is being cannibalized to satisfy the growing income demands of the rainmakers the firm is desperate to keep — and of those the firm aspires to recruit. That money is coming from you. Read The Rest

Getting Clients

Business Development: Help Yourself by Helping Others

getting clients

“Let me tell you how wonderful I am!” One of the most difficult things about business development is having to promote yourself. Given the centuries-long tradition that deems it unseemly for lawyers to talk about their accomplishments, abilities and conquests, you come by this struggle with self-promotion honestly. But keeping mum about your ability to help a client is not going to end well for you if your goal is to develop new business.

A useful way to overcome the problem is to focus on helping others by, say, introducing them to potential clients and making them look good. … the truth is that helping others makes them want to help you, too.Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Order Whisky for Your Boss — Like a Boss

You’re at a conference with the senior partner you want to impress. You’re meeting in the hotel bar, a swanky old-school joint. Lots of wood and brass. You’re both just supposed to go over the day’s work, then look at tomorrow’s breakout sessions. Easy and, as an addendum, peasy.

You meet your boss at the bar. She looks like Charlize Theron dipped in gold. She’s sporting Manolo Blahniks that could cover your rent. You want to be her when you grow up. You take a seat next to her and she says, “Order me a whisky.”

This is a defining moment and it’s like the whole bar goes slo-mo while you white-knuckle your kneecaps and try to remember what your dad likes.Read The Rest

the water of life

Whisky vs. Whiskey: Boozy Grammar Matters

If you’re a word nerd, the use of “whisky” and “whiskey” in my recent post, “How to Order Whisky for Your Boss — Like a Boss” may have given you an aneurysm. I feel ya. But it was all well and proper as those are separate spirits, not the same thing misspelled. Let’s explore.Read The Rest