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Build It! The New Associate’s Guide to Business Development

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Build It New Associates

Big firm or small, trials or deals, there’s a single question the partners ask about young associates: “Is she a keeper?” And, while legal skills certainly count, we all know what ultimately swings the pendulum on that question, don’t we? “Can she bring in clients?”

Fortunately, help has arrived — in the form of a new 30-page downloadable ezine brimming with the best from the best on business development from Attorney at Work. … READ THE REST

The Friday Five

How to Show Your Client You Don’t Really Care

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hearts five

Sure, it is no more important to show gratitude for a client on Valentine’s Day than any other day of the year. But, confronted with mountains of heart-shaped boxes and an avalanche of sweetheart sales, it’s only natural for some to ponder, “Who loves ya, baby?” I’m not talking about romantic love — with secret notes, pounding hearts and fluttering eyelashes. I’m simply saying Valentine’s serves as an annual reminder that good feelings between you and your client are key to keeping your practice profitable.

Unfortunately, if you’re human, instead of always expressing gratitude or respect, at times you may be doing the exact opposite. … READ THE REST

Nothing But the Ruth!

You Don’t Need a Holiday to Show Some Love

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Nothing But the Ruth

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and stores are filled with overpriced flowers and red and pink candy shaped like hearts. In honor of this Hallmark holiday, my editors asked me, “How do you show love to clients?” (I assume by “love” they mean “appreciation.”)

My first thought was, “If you need a holiday to remind you to tell people that you appreciate them, you’re doing it wrong.” Appreciation and gratitude should be free-flowing every day to everyone who contributes to your happiness and success. … READ THE REST

Well Said!

First Time Meeting with a Prospective Client

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Well said 1_Attorney at Work

A prospective client has identified three lawyers whom she believes possess the expertise and standing to solve her problem. The good news is that you’re one of them, and 10 minutes from now she’ll be sitting in your office to interview you. The less-good news? You don’t know much about her beyond whatever dry information a Google search and her LinkedIn profile revealed.

During that first meeting, how will you manage the conversation to raise the odds of being chosen? Begin with the only evidence that you have. Out of all the lawyers who work in your practice area, she chose to interview you. Why? … READ THE REST

Cybersecurity on the Road

Beware the Dangers of WiFi

By | Feb.09.16 | 1 Comment

Hacker © iStock - Agustinc

Many of us have to travel for our work, and that often means connecting to wireless networks. If you use unsecured public WiFi networks when working on client matters that could mean trouble.

Most hotels, airports, cafés don’t encrypt their public networks. That means it is up to you to ensure your data remains inviolate. If a hacker gains access to confidential client materials because you were using an unsecured or open WiFi network, you could be held liable for failing to take reasonable precautions to prevent them from doing so. Knowing about the risks of using public and open WiFi networks and taking some basic precautions should keep your data — and your client’s — safe while traveling. … READ THE REST

Get Found!

Law Firm Marketing: Six Hot Search Tips for 2016

By | Feb.08.16 | 1 Comment

Lawyer Search

Driving traffic to your website through organic search is on every law firm’s marketing agenda — or it should be. If you’ve targeted wisely, then a significant percentage of your organic search traffic is primed to take the next step and contact your firm. Making the most of organic search can be challenging, though, because algorithms and market responses are always evolving. Here’s what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve in 2016. … READ THE REST