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Website Marketing

Three Need-To-Knows About Website Legal Agreements

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If you have clients that do business online, you most likely have been called upon to prepare various website legal agreements. Depending on the website, you may be drafting Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, or other types of agreements. Before you fire those agreements off to your client in an email, there are some key questions to ask … READ THE REST

Give Your Client a Hand

It’s Complicated: Respect Client Schedules and Language Needs

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client service

In “Accommodating Clients with Special Needs,” we talked about steps you can take to provide superior service to older adults and people with disabilities. But “special needs” can also apply to clients who are full-time caregivers or busy working parents, or who speak English as a second language, or no English at all.

When you step into your clients’ shoes and identify issues that make it difficult for them to work with you, you’re demonstrating your commitment and respect for them. It’s good for them and good for you, too. … READ THE REST

Friday 5+ Tech Tips

Apps That Saved My … Vacation

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Tech Tips Friday Five

With summer finally in full swing, we asked our legal technology dream team, “Which apps have saved your … vacation?” Lee Rosen, Jim Calloway, Heidi Alexander, Catherine Reach and Dan Pinnington are telling their best tips for making travel less stressful, whether for work or play, so you can hit the road well prepared! Who couldn’t use a little extra help navigating the unexpected? Of course, our best tip if you’re headed to vacationland is to ditch the devices once you’re there, and roam free. Paradise and free Wi-Fi are not always compatible. … READ THE REST

Setting Fees

The Best Pricing Advice I Ever Received

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setting fees

Sometimes the most profound lessons arise from the simplest of exchanges. So it was for a young Jordan Furlong in the early days of his career as an adventurous service provider. He says the best pricing advice he ever received came from an elderly gentleman who lived in a tidy bungalow at the edge of town. READ THE REST

Online Advertising 101

How to Get Clients with Google AdWords

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Google Adwords

To get new clients, many lawyers still turn to media like the Yellow Pages, TV, radio and newspapers. Eventually, most discover these options are expensive, ineffective and frustrating. Some lawyers are experimenting with Google AdWords for better leads, finding it can be a cost-effective way to generate inquiries from quality prospects in a short time. And its return on investment can be significantly higher than traditional advertising avenues.

Here’s how to create a smart Google AdWords campaign. … READ THE REST

Clio Partner Spotlight

The Benefits of Integrated Legal Research

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Flat design concepts for business, Vector

Legal research has come a long way in the digital era. Today’s attorneys have access to a wealth of previously unavailable research tools, and the ability to streamline and automate large chunks of the legal research process.

Two fast-rising stars in the legal technology world have teamed up to address attorney legal research pain points. Via an exclusive integration, law firms using Fastcase (voted the number one mobile legal app two years running by ABA members) and Clio (the number one cloud-based practice management platform) are now able to streamline their legal research workflows and take advantage of the following benefits … READ THE REST