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Friday 5+ Tech Tips

Declutter Your Email Inbox: Tips from the Pros

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Tech Tips Friday Five

Merlin Mann, inventor of “inbox zero,” says his philosophy for effectively managing email isn’t about a number — it’s about getting your head out of your inbox and on to other, more fruitful things. For this month’s Friday 5+ Tech Tips, we asked our tech tips dream team where they fall on inbox zero, yes or no? — and to give a few quick tips on taming the daily stress bucket that is your email inbox.

Lee Rosen, Heidi Alexander, Catherine Sanders Reach, Nora Regis, Deb Savadra, Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch have tips, and apps … READ THE TIPS

Clio Partner Spotlight

The Benefits of Integrated Legal Research

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Flat design concepts for business, Vector

Legal research has come a long way in the digital era. Today’s attorneys have access to a wealth of previously unavailable research tools, and the ability to streamline and automate large chunks of the legal research process.

Two fast-rising stars in the legal technology world have teamed up to address attorney legal research pain points. Via an exclusive integration, law firms using Fastcase (voted the number one mobile legal app two years running by ABA members) and Clio (the number one cloud-based practice management platform) are now able to streamline their legal research workflows and take advantage of the following benefits … READ THE REST

Play to Win

Tips for Creating Some Marketing Discipline

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Play to Win

When coaching attorneys, I ask them to identify their biggest marketing and business development challenges. Their issues run the gamut from not enjoying cocktail parties to recently having relocated.

Some of the issues they name are legitimate obstacles that need to be overcome. However, in many instances, the problems I hear are things like these: a lack of follow-up, not having enough time, not having a plan and sticking to it, or too many balls in the air.

In my mind, these issues relate to focus and discipline, and they can be remedied. … READ THE REST

Get to the Point

How to Clean Up Your Writing

By | May.27.15 | 4 Comments

Get to the Point

Maybe you’ve read the stories about the candidate who wasn’t hired because of spelling errors in the resumé. Or the firm that lost the bid in response to a request for proposal because of grammatical errors on its website. It’s not just lawyers making these mistakes. … READ THE REST


Julie Tolek, Enterprising Lawyer

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Enterprising Lawyer

Who are these “enterprising lawyers”? Actually, they are easy to spot. Look for the more engaged and happier lawyers in the crowd. Deeply invested in the power of the work they do, they have ample interests beyond the practice of law as well. And they seem to have more energy for getting things done than anyone in the crowd. You probably know one — you may even be an enterprising lawyer yourself!

Julie Tolek is the marketing-savvy enterprising lawyer behind the “proud New England law firm” Think Pink Law — a “human law firm with human clients.” The 2013 law grad’s start-up focuses on family law, adoption, and trusts and estate planning. … READ THE INTERVIEW

Friday Fit Five

Five Ways to Build True Fitness into Your Day

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Fitness, according to Merriam-Webster, is “the quality or state of being fit.” So what, then, is “fit”? Therein lies the key to true fitness. As Merriam-Webster explains, “fit” means “sound physically and mentally.” Here are five ways to build true fitness — both physical and mental — into your busy day.

1. Sleep is the foundation of fitness. According to Russell Foster, a circadian neuroscientist at Oxford University, the quantity of your time asleep affects the quality of your time awake. Over a third of our life should be spent sleeping. This can feel like a waste of time, but it’s not! Sleep-deprived people cannot function at their highest ability. Sleep deprivation decreases your ability to remember and process information … READ THE REST