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The Friday Five

Five Ways to Prioritize Your Legal Tech Investments (and Get the Most Bang for Your Buck)

Law firms are under constant pressure to adopt new, improved technology so they can increase productivity and provide better client service. Yet budgets rarely increase with the speed of technology changes. With so many technology needs out there, how do you know which investments will garner the fastest return?Read The Rest

LawPay Product Spotlight

LawPay Has the Tools You Need to Run Your Business

With LawPay, you get the tools you need to manage earnings and cash flow, and track key financial metrics. LawPay’s new reporting dashboard lets you see where your firm’s payments stand at a glance. Quickly and easily see where revenue is coming from, and view key stats that help you assess cash flow.Read The Rest

Social Media Marketing Tips

Lawyers and LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements

Because of this widespread use by lawyers and businesspeople, LinkedIn’s potential to create and nurture relationships between lawyers and clients is significant. You need to be there, and you need to focus on creating a profile and presence that accurately represents who you are, and that reinforces your credibility and focuses on how you can help others. There are many ways to do this, but one I am often asked about is what LinkedIn calls the “Skills & Endorsements” section.Read The Rest

Nothing But the Ruth!

Disrespectful Clients Don’t Get to Stay Clients

Nothing But the Ruth

You know what feels good? Firing a client.

My firm was hired to help a client with multiple applications for registering their intellectual property. We tell every client there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to get them everything they want. This client got upset about the status of one of the applications, and then refused to pay the balance on a project. I explained that their feelings didn’t negate their obligations, and if they didn’t pay, we’d be constrained to withdraw as counsel from all their pending applications. They refused, so I withdrew as the attorney of record and the firm disengaged from all their projects.Read The Rest


Three Smart Year-End Money Moves

Year-End Money Moves for Lawyers

Think back 10 or 11 months … remember your New Year’s financial resolutions? Save more, spend less, be smarter with taxes, and construct a succession plan for your practice — we all made them. Then, client demands, partner requests, deal closings, hearings and even the occasional trial helped make 2017 fly by.

You’ll have to focus, but it’s not too late to make the most of the year financially.Read The Rest

Foster Web Marketing Product Spotlight

How to Market Your Law Firm in Today’s Online World

As new technology emerges and new trends take over, how we market our business changes. You have to keep up in order to stay relevant, and all of the moving pieces should work together seamlessly so you can spend more time focused on generating new clients, and less time…Read The Rest


Engage! A Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Engage Social Media Marketing

Today, the question is not whether you should be on social media — it’s how long will it take you to get up to speed. For “Engage! A Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing” we asked top law firm marketers for advice on where lawyers should focus their efforts — and for their best tips on how to up your game.Read The Rest