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How to Respond to Negative Online Attorney Reviews

attorney review

Question: I had a perfect ranking going on a popular attorney review website until a former client posted a negative review about his case. This former client was clearly more upset about the judge’s ruling against him than the quality of my representation, which included a well-advised consultation on the costs and risks he was taking with the litigation from the start. He’s just wrong, and I want to set the record straight with an online reply. I have a right to defend my work, correct?
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Trial Skills

Are You Acting in the Courtroom?


A law student is working on a direct examination during a trial skills program. She is practicing her presentation — how she stands, gestures and speaks. Each time through the examination, she asks exactly the same questions, with identical intonation. She has memorized this part of the trial, so we…Read The Rest

Friday Fit Five

Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Personal and Professional Life

spring clean your law practice

It’s spring! Finally, the sun is shining, the world is budding, the birds are chirping, and spring cleaning can begin. We usually think of spring cleaning our house, but here are five ways to spring clean your personal and professional life.
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10 Minutes with Legal Tech Entrepreneur Alma Asay

Alma Asay Allegory Law Founder

If not now … The impulse to rethink her career hit sixth-year litigator Alma Asay just as she was about to embark on the Biglaw partnership track. Looking around, she realized she wanted to fix an issue that hits litigators who handle large-scale litigation. “I had the idea that there had to be a better way to work, and was fortunate enough to meet engineers who are not only talented enough to build the program but who also have the patience to sit with me and whiteboard things out.”

Today, the founder of Allegory Law, Inc. continues to build her business as she travels the globe, sharing insights on automating everyday legal tasks.Read The Rest

Well Said!

Stone Soup: A Client Development Metaphor

well said

There is an old folk story that makes a fine metaphor for client development. In the tale, hungry strangers (read: the law firm client team) facilitate the people of a town (the team’s clients) giving them food (solving a problem and getting paid for doing so). The story is…Read The Rest

Exit Strategy

Leaving Your Law Firm: Who Can You Tell, and When?

So, you’ve decided to leave your firm. One of the first questions that likely comes to mind is whether — and when — you can tell clients, your firm, colleagues and staff. As it turns out, there are some clear guidelines regarding whom you can tell, and when. Like so many things related to a partner departure, it can get complicated. It’s important to know the general landscape, but then you need to analyze how the rules apply to your situation.Read The Rest

Getting Clients

16 Good Things to Do with a Business Card (Yours and Theirs)

getting clients

I take a perverse sort of pleasure in asking lawyers for their business card. It reveals a lot about a person. How deeply must they dig to find one? If it takes more than one pocket, it’s a safe bet he isn’t winning this week’s “Be Prepared” award. Does…Read The Rest