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Communicating With Clients

Creating Confidence in a Time of Stress

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Recently I underwent a diagnostic medical test that I knew was going to cause me a great deal of anxiety. In addition, I had to arrive at the medical facility at 7 a.m., couldn’t have a cup of coffee in advance and had been told that I was unlikely to be able to leave before 11 a.m. I had never met the doctor who would perform the procedure, and as time wore on that morning, it appeared that I would not meet him before being wheeled into the operating room.

Was I stressed? You bet.Read The Rest

Friday 5+ Tech Tips

Tech Tips: Small, Powerful Ways to Use Your Data

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Tech Tips Friday Five

Everybody seems to be talking about “big data” and data analytics. But what does it mean to a small law firm or solo practitioner? Or, more specifically, what can you do now to start gathering and analyzing data in a meaningful way? For this month’s Friday 5+ Tech Tips, we asked practice management tech experts to help lawyers figure out one smart way to use data in their practices. Here’s great advice from Heidi Alexander, Natalie Kelly, Nora Regis, Lee Rosen and Ed Walters.Read The Rest

Productivity Tech Tip

Text Expansion for Fun and Profit

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For a practicing attorney, efficiency and accuracy are key components of effective work habits. If you can get your work done more quickly, and avoid mistakes such as typos (or overlooking something you meant to say), you will be more productive. You could use that time to get in a little more work on a motion. Or go to an industry networking event, or catch up with a friend over lunch. Or go home and enjoy dinner.

If you could save yourself 10 or 15 minutes per day while ensuring the high quality of what you write, wouldn’t you?Read The Rest

Legal Technology

Why Clients Drive Technology Adoption

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Document Collaboration System

Recently, I hired a lawyer. Not only did I have to print and sign an engagement letter, I also had to mail a check and manually complete a form that was then transferred to a Word document, which I then had to sign by hand. Compared to my interaction with almost any other business, I found the entire process extremely inefficient.

On the other end of the spectrum, my husband hired a different lawyer who used a practice management system that allows for document sharing, online engagement, electronic billing and payment. He never even met this lawyer and yet he was very satisfied with the process and outcome.Read The Rest

Small Firm Management

Build a Major League Small Law Firm Using Data

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Managing a winning major league ball club and operating a highly profitable law firm have more in common than meets the eye. It all comes down to numbers. You wouldn’t be in practice if you didn’t have talent, skill and vast knowledge of the law — just as baseball players wouldn’t be in the Major League if they didn’t have an invaluable skill set. But it’s how these skills are managed and used that makes the difference between success and failure.Read The Rest

PracticePanther Product Spotlight

The Best Legal Case Management Software Checklist

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Practice Panther Keep Calm

When it comes to deciding on the right legal case management software (CMS) for your solo or small practice, there should be no compromise. Your practice should run like a well-oiled machine on autopilot, and the CMS you ultimately go with should make your firm a lot easier to…Read The Rest