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New 'start fast' Associates Column

Path to a Successful Legal Career: Learn to Love the Process


A great deal has been said and written about the epidemic of the unhappy lawyer. Surveys suggest that career dissatisfaction among lawyers, and even rates of depression, are on the rise. Law firm associates are not immune. In fact, a survey from a few years back found that “associate attorney” was the unhappiest job in the United States. Many theories are posited as to the root causes, including overwork, stress, uninteresting work and the adversarial nature of the law. In recent years, firms have increasingly been urged to improve culture and expand opportunities for work-life balance, particularly for young associates. Firms need to change, the thinking goes, to adapt to the needs and desires of millennials.

I’m a skeptic. I think today’s “wisdom” about what motivates millennial lawyers will be proven wrong.Read The Rest

Play to Win

How to Work the Room at Networking Events

Most lawyers have to attend events. Clients have parties, law firms host functions, organizations hold galas and associations offer networking meetings. If you’re someone who detests going to these, particularly when you don’t know anyone, I am here to tell you they will be a lot less painful if you are prepared. Even if you never come to enjoy networking functions, you can make them both tolerable and productive if you go about things the right way.Read The Rest

PR on a Budget

Five Ways to Leverage HARO for Media Coverage

Getting quoted in the media is one of the most effective ways for lawyers to raise their profile, gain credibility as a thought leader and attract clients. However, you may not have the time to cultivate relationships with the press or the budget to hire a PR firm. Help A Reporter Out — HARO — is a shortcut to free publicity and can be a powerful marketing tool. Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Tips to Improve Back-Office Processes

Are you contemplating streamlining, centralizing or outsourcing some or all of your law firm’s back-office functions? It’s an idea worth exploring. Improving basic processes and using the right technology can help you and your staff minimize frustration and save time, which ultimately benefits your clients. If you’re wondering where to begin, here are five practical ideas.Read The Rest

Get It Done!

How Being Happy Is Contagious (and Why You’ll Live Longer)

lawyer happiness

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the attitudes people bring to work every day and how a positive or negative attitude affects how others perform their jobs — including how they serve their clients. The interesting thing is that the attitude you bring to work directly impacts every aspect of what you do and how you do it. Attitude drives your behavior. It impacts your productivity — and whether you are on track to succeed in accomplishing everything you should be doing. And you almost always bring your work attitude home to your loved ones.

So, that begs a critical question: If your attitude is contagious, why not go for the positive?Read The Rest


Seven Ways to Make Billing More Effective


Lawyers may practice in different areas of the law and serve a wide range of clients, but most seem to share a common aversion: They hate doing timesheets. Despite this near universal resentment toward tracking time, most lawyers eventually learn that they need to be effective in billing clients to have a thriving practice. Here are seven important steps to help make your billing more accurate, client-friendly and effective.Read The Rest

Data Myths

How Lawyers Can Use Client Data to Grow Their Practices

Lawyers hate math. At least most do. It’s why they became lawyers. Which means working with data isn’t appealing to most lawyers, either. But law practices are businesses, and these days, successful businesses leverage data to thrive. Here are some tips to inspire you to learn more about embracing data to grow your law practice.Read The Rest