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The Friday Five

Places to Find Free Pictures That Communicate

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Friday Five

Okay, I’ll say it and get it out of the way: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” Trite as the aphorism may seem, it has been proven true time after time that a good solid image can be far more powerful than any block of text. Why do the most powerful speeches feature slides with absolutely no words — only images?

Start incorporating more pictures and images into all your communications — slides, presentations, papers, blog posts, social media, you name it! Not just any pictures, of course. Awesome pictures. Evocative images. Moving illustrations.

Here are five great places to go.Read The Rest

Play to Win

Lawyer, Know Thy Client

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Play to Win

Recently, I interviewed the partners at a law firm as part of a marketing assessment. I asked each of them whether there is any particular industry or type of client the firm should target for business. One of the lawyers said to me, “I don’t understand that concept. It doesn’t matter to us what the client is doing or selling; we can still provide our services.”

It got me thinking about the whole notion of understanding what makes a client tick. How would you feel if you were looking into software to help you manage your firm’s finances and the salesperson called your clients “customers,” didn’t understand how a partnership structure works and was unaware that lawyers bill their time?Read The Rest

Attorney at Work Classic

The Project Management ABC’s

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Otto Sorts

A Curmudgeon’s Perspective. The Attorney at Work compilation about time management and productivity (“A Matter of Time: Time Management and Productivity Tips for Lawyers”) got me thinking about how lawyers are drawn to chasing new trends and technologies. It reminds me of my grandkids playing in the yard at dusk, when the fireflies come out. Soon, the kids are scrambling through the dark chasing, but seldom catching, those shiny, ephemeral glowbugs.

Sometimes, we lose sight of the fact that any technology is a tool, not an end in itself. What makes the technology valuable is the users’ ability to use it effectively to get their work done. That requires a fundamental understanding of what your objective is and how to reach it.Read The Rest

Next Generation Messaging

Team Communication Tools: Why All the Buzz?

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Technology Community

A change has crept up on us in the past couple of years. Just when you were starting to roll your eyes back into their sockets at the talk of “the death of email,” up popped expressions like “WhatsApp me that file” or “I just Vibered my brother back home.” People are feverishly typing communications to others on their phones, tablets and laptops — and certainly not writing emails. Propriety restrains you from spying over their shoulders, but you see enough to notice the new phenomenon in communication: group messaging and chat.

And businesses are not far behind. You can order food, get a doctor appointment or track the delivery of your package — all through group messaging. Read The Rest

Get to the Point

Talk Like You Drive — With Care

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Get to the Point

Nothing draws a smirk or an arched eyebrow in certain circles as quickly as mispronunciation of the brand name of an automobile. This faux pas is especially damning when entertaining clients in businesses related to the auto industry, but pitfalls are everywhere. Who knew that client’s passion was Formula One? As frequently noted in Get to the Point, as the well-spoken, literate attorney you are, you need to pronounce words correctly, even when those around you do not.Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Ways to Improve Your Clients’ Experience Today

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Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference in life — and in business. From a customer service perspective, the little things can build loyalty more effectively than any advertising or marketing campaign.

You may think the kind of customer service touch points common in retail or other service businesses don’t apply to the legal industry, but think again. Nobody who needs a lawyer’s services is probably very excited about it. You can score big points by making their experience with you and your firm simple, easy and even pleasant.Read The Rest