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The Friday Five

Under Pressure: Five Insights on the Evolving In-House Counsel Role


It’s difficult to attend any legal conference these days without hearing about technology and change, but it’s refreshing to discuss these topics with people who actually do the work. Recently, I moderated a panel for an ARK conference, “The New Spectrum of Legal Services,” in Chicago. Our focus was the pressures on legal operations and general counsel. Panelists covered technology adoption, partnerships with law firms and information technology departments, plus their future strategic priorities.Read The Rest


10 Minutes with Legal Tech Entrepreneur James Jones Jr.

James Jones Jr. bumped up against a problem most new lawyers face when he first hung his shingle: where to find clients. That later led to a big idea. After practicing law for a decade, Jones and co-founder Kristina Jones launched Court Buddy in 2015. Their platform uses instant-matching technology to provide a la carte legal services at flat rates to consumers and small businesses. Court Buddy won the 2017 American Bar Association Brown Select Award for Legal Access.Read The Rest

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Fat Stacks: How Much Does It Cost to Start a Law Firm?


Do you have $500? Good. You’re the proud owner of a new law firm! (Seriously, congratulations.)

Thanks mostly to the spate of technology advances made possible by cloud services, it is cheaper to practice law than ever before, because lawyers can virtualize much of what they do. … Of course, if that’s the direction you’re going to take, you’ll be limited to free software, which there is a lot of, even if most of it has not insignificant drawbacks. It turns out vendors that don’t charge for their services have less-robust products. Go figure.

So, let’s get down to brass tacks: What else will you want to pay for, and how much will it cost?Read The Rest

Get to the Point!

Why Superlatives May Not Be So Super

Get to the Point

Get to the Point has previously preached that specificity enhances credibility. In fact, I’m working on a cross-stitch with this aphorism to place on the office wall. Using an unsupported superlative flouts this rule.Read The Rest

Legal Technology

Understanding Blockchains

Blockchains — a sort of digital ledger best known for powering the bitcoin digital currency — have been getting a lot of attention from lawyers for their potential to change how people transact. Specifically, there are a number of software projects aimed at applying blockchains to create self-executing “smart contracts” (or at least trying to).

Lawyers often deal with how people transact, so it’s probably a good idea for lawyers to understand blockchains. Understanding blockchains is hard, though, especially when approaching them from a legal standpoint without looking under the hood from a technology standpoint. Here are some of the best resources for understanding blockchains from outside of law.Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Things to Ask Before You Say Yes to a Speaking Gig

speaking gig

Most professionals have a complicated relationship with public speaking — particularly if it is a good business development opportunity. On the one hand, you’re pretty sure you want this gig. It could be the start of something good for your practice. On the other, it can be darn intimidating when you stand up in front of a crowd knowing they expect you to be the expert. Talk about pressure! It will help you manage your anxiety and do an extraordinary speaking job if you get lots of information up-front. Here are five key questions to ask before you say you’re all in. Read The Rest

Visual Content

How to Create Impressive Infographics for Your Law Firm

law firm infographics

Blog posts, podcasts and videos aren’t the only options for sharing content on your law firm’s website and social media platforms. Infographics offer an easy way for readers to review — and quickly grasp — visualized data. They are an engaging way to educate clients and prospects and share your knowledge.

To get the most out of infographics, though, you’ll need to follow a few best practices.Read The Rest