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Well Said!

How to Introduce Yourself

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Well Said by Mike O'Horo

Following a recent post about networking, a reader asked, “What’s the best way to introduce yourself at a networking event?” What follows is for business contexts. For social etiquette, I’ll defer to Emily Post (or my late mother, who, while my siblings and I were growing up, we considered one and the same).

How you introduce yourself is determined by your purpose in attending the event. Most people adhere to the traditional networking philosophy (which I hope we’ve dissuaded you from embracing), so their purpose is simply to meet people, collect business cards, send a follow-up email and hope for the best.

But, I say your purpose is to filter the crowd to Read The Rest

Nothing But the Ruth!

Blogging Advice from the Experts

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Nothing But the Ruth

I’m just back from Content Marketing World — a weeklong conference featuring hundreds of leading experts in social media marketing. I was there to speak on social media law and to learn how to be more effective with my own marketing efforts. (I was pleased to see at least one of the 3,500 attendees was from a law firm marketing department.) By the end of the event, my head was buzzing with ideas to apply to how I write blog posts — as well as tactics I can use to make sure my existing content reaches a broader audience searching for legal information. Here are highlights from the sessions I attended.Read The Rest

Productivity Tech Tip

Clipboard Managers: A Timesaving Tool for Every Lawyer

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keyboard managers

If you spend time typing, you’ve very likely found “copy and paste” to be two of your best friends, on any computer system. But if having one copied item available is good, wouldn’t more be better? I’ve discovered that clipboard managers can be a great time-saving tool.Read The Rest


Kimberley Chongyon Motley, Enterprising Lawyer

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Enterprising Lawyer

Enterprising Lawyer Q&A: Kimberley Motley, a practicing attorney since 2003, has worked in Afghanistan since 2008. She is the first foreigner to litigate cases in Afghanistan’s criminal and commercial courts. Kimberley currently represents clients on every continent except Antarctica — including individuals from international corporations and NGOs, as well as embassies and ambassadors around the world. She has been featured in Vanity Fair, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, London Times, CNN, BBC and the Today Show to name a few. Learn more about her story here. Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Reasons to Come Out and Play

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We know that free-play is important to the development of children. But it’s also really important in the life of an adult. You may think you don’t need to play, that you don’t have time to play, but there are good reasons to incorporate play into your life.

But what is play?Read The Rest

Get to the Point!

Ryan Lochte’s Vocabulary Lesson for All of Us

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Get to the Point

“I over-exaggerated.” It was impossible to miss the world’s derision for Ryan Lochte’s poor word choice. The Olympian was trying to explain his lies about how he found himself at the wrong end of a gun after a night of partying in Brazil.

Indeed, “over-“ is a prefix meaning excessive or excessively. But there is no such word as “over-exaggerate.” And yet, many words with this prefix seem as silly as Lochte’s grammar misstep. “Over-smooth” is an adjective, but it’s hard to imagine how a surface could be more smooth than just “smooth.” You could correctly call the witness who shoots off his mouth “over-talkative”, but doesn’t “talkative” make the point?Read The Rest