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Get to the Point

If You Are Reading This … Oh, Wait, You Are!

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Get to the Point

Perhaps the most ridiculous construct I see and hear regularly is the conditional introductory phrase that prefaces content in documents with, “If you are reading this,” or that starts voicemail greetings with, “If you are hearing this message.”Read The Rest

Play to Win

Walking in Your Client’s Shoes

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Play to Win

I heard a lawyer tell a joke once that went something like this: “If you’re having trouble with a client, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, you will have a one-mile head start and he won’t have any shoes.”

I know there are times that kind of attitude can be tempting. Clients can be challenging, demanding and frustrating. It can be easy to dismiss their complaints and easier yet to stay in your comfort zone doing business as usual. But when you have your own experiences as a client or customer, it becomes easier to empathize with a client’s situation.Read The Rest


Gary LeClair, Enterprising Lawyer

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Enterprising Lawyer

When they co-founded LeClairRyan in 1988, Gary LeClair and Dennis Ryan made a bold commitment to “Keep it small; only do venture capital work; love what they do.” One out of three isn’t bad; today LeClairRyan has more than 375 attorneys practicing a wide range of specialties in 26 offices stretching from Boston to Atlanta on the East Coast, Detroit to Houston Mid-Continent and San Francisco to Los Angeles on the West Coast. Now, after decades at the firm’s helm, LeClair is trying something new: practicing law full time. Read The Rest

Get It Done!

Your Note-Taking and To-Do Apps: Are They Secure?

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Get It Done by Daniel Gold

As a result of the flood of innovation in note-taking and task-centric apps since Evernote’s inception, there’s a large concern for lawyers in storing attorney-client and privileged information. While I know a lot of lawyers who choose to leverage their apps for everything except client work, it’s still important to know how your data is being stored, encrypted, backed up, replicated and secured. And it’s equally important to know how to get your data out of the app should you choose to move it elsewhere.Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Face to Face at 2016’s Big Fall Conferences

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Friday Five

In just a couple of weeks, the adrenalin kick is going to hit you. It never fails: Fall’s arrival means it’s time to get learning. Sure, you could try your hand at letterpress, or craft beer appreciation or even “Boot Camp Fit” classes (so tempting), but if the health of your law practice is your obsession, here’s a look at five fall conferences, listed chronologically, that could get you to that next level.Read The Rest

Nothing But The Ruth!

Swag Made for Your Audience

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Nothing But the Ruth

When I was a solo practitioner, I attended a swag expo. You can put your firm’s name and logo on an impressive number of things — pens, mugs, magnets and toys are just the tip of the swag iceberg. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the options.

If you’re looking into promotional merchandise for your firm, start by thinking about the purpose of it. It’s a marketing tool to keep your firm’s name in front of your audience. Done right, their observable use of it will also help expand your brand’s visibility. When considering your options and your budget, think about your audience and what appeals to them, but also consider how, by using your swag, others will learn about you.Read The Rest