Daily Dispatch


Blasting Barriers at Clio Cloud Conference 2017

Last week in New Orleans, I had the privilege of attending my first Clio Cloud Conference. Though I could talk about the presenters and programs all day, the overall theme that stuck was far more interesting than any one session. I came away with a sense of how limitless the possibilities are in the legal profession today, and of how any barriers in front of us can be not just broken, but blasted.Read The Rest

Marketing Basics

Personal Branding Checklist for Lawyers

personal branding

Most law schools don’t offer courses in branding, so how do you go about establishing a personal brand for your law practice and make your expertise visible? Here’s a checklist that can help get you started. Read The Rest

The Analog Attorney

Boost Productivity by Slowing Down a Little


You’re an unstoppable legal machine. You churn through a hundred pages of briefs and legal research every day. You’re running two phones, a tablet, a laptop and a portable fax machine off a light pole at the airport. Your inbox is an email volcano. You’ve heard of people who go for zero inbox but you figure they’re urban myths like Bigfoot.

Your productivity is relentless.

Which is great for the bottom line. When your billable hours are like a red-hot furnace propelling your firm’s success train at 100 mph down a track that leads to profit, it might be hard to see how backing off the throttle will get you there faster.Read The Rest

Get to the Point!

You Can Conduct an Internet Search, But Should You Google?

Get to the Point

I once defended a product liability case where the client was adamant that the product always be called a “personal watercraft.” It most definitely was not, he insisted, a Jet-Ski. The issue was the use of a trademark to refer to a similar product. What’s the risk?
Read The Rest

Content Under Pressure

Keeping in Touch With Client Newsletters

Content Marketing

It can be tough to keep up with the content hamster wheel. Especially if you are trying to keep pace with bigger firms that seem to push out client alerts 24/7. So don’t drive yourself crazy. Get off the wheel. There’s still a way to publish regularly and stay in meaningful touch with clients and contacts.
Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Ways to Generate Referrals on a Budget


Whether you are a solo attorney or in a big firm, the ability to generate business is critical to your success. But we all struggle with how to do it without draining our bank accounts. So here are some tips on how you can get a referral business running on a budget — like I did.Read The Rest

Play to Win

Seven Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Business Development Efforts

In initial meetings with lawyers, I like to have them tell me what they’ve done in marketing and business development — what has worked and what hasn’t and what they are trying to accomplish. I’ll never forget my first coaching meeting with one junior partner. When I asked her for her business development goals, her response was simple: “I just want to stop shooting myself in the foot.” She made a good point. Whether it’s informal conversations with referral sources or formal presentations with prospects, lawyers often are their own worst enemies.Read The Rest