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10 Minutes With Legal Tech Entrepreneur Abdi Shayesteh

Abdi Shayesteh

From entrepreneur to working lawyer and back again, Abdi Shayesteh (sha-YES–tay) has never lost the urge to start and run businesses. After 14 years in corporate, bank regulatory and financial transactions law, Shayesteh chose to act on a pain point many lawyers experience: the need to talk to specialists when you need their expertise. He set up AltaClaro Inc. to make that expertise easier to come by.Read The Rest


Defending Against Ransomware Attacks

Cybercriminals tend to target industries that are the most dependent on the timely availability and strict confidentiality of their business-critical information. This means law firms are at high risk. With both on-site and cloud-based data storage, it’s increasingly important to protect clients’ sensitive case information against these threats.Read The Rest


A Conversation with Las Vegas Legend Tom Breitling

Breitling - Golden Nugget

Ever wonder how successful entrepreneurs find the courage to place bets that may or may not pay off? Mark Britton, founder and CEO of Avvo, recently spoke with serial entrepreneur Tom Breitling, a founding partner of Travelscape and former owner of the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Placing bets in business is a topic Breitling knows well.Read The Rest

Get to the Point

Elegant Insults

Get to the Point

When your brain knows just the right word, you can be more concise. And sometimes you can slip in the verbal dagger without the victim understanding what you’ve done.Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Tips for Small Firms from Legalweek 2017

Last fall, when I learned ALM Media had expanded the Legal Tech conference for 2017 to include a small firm focus, I was intrigued. During the newly branded Legalweek small firm track last week, hosted by How to Manage a Small Law Firm (HTM), topics included marketing, technology, metrics and…Read The Rest

Make It Stop

How to Not Talk Politics and Survive

You may have noticed our current political landscape is a wee bit volatile. You can barely mention the weather without someone blaming their least favorite politician in a detailed, increasingly explosive all-capped scree about why they’ve ruined clouds for everyone and THE RAIN IS THEIR FAULT! As much as you’d like to correct them, perhaps with jiujitsu or a handy table lamp, you know that’s unprofessional, and so is talking politics.Read The Rest

Nothing But the Ruth!

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Nothing But the Ruth

On a recent call with my business mastermind group, one of the members shared how quickly he was able to overcome a challenge in his company by tapping into his network for suggestions. He summed up the process with, “Your network is your net worth.” He’s absolutely right — success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Read The Rest