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Nothing But the Ruth

Lawyers and Vacations: It’s a Necessity

Nothing But the Ruth

I haven’t taken a vacation in over two years. In 2016, I took my dog Rosie to Flagstaff, Arizona, for a few days. We relaxed in front of the fire at our Airbnb and I spent an afternoon at a ropes course. It was so wonderful to have a break from being a lawyer. I’m sure I’m not the only lawyer who has trouble getting away. So I asked other lawyers for their thoughts on vacations.Read The Rest

Writing Your Book

Go the Self-Publishing Route or Stick with Traditional Publishers? The Pros and Cons

Novelists such as John Grisham and Meg Gardiner, to name two, are certainly at the top of the publishing heap when it comes to lawyers who have garnered international fame as authors. And let’s not forget those who have devoted their careers to writing legal treatises and manuals — Hiroshi Motomura, Stephen Yale-Loehr, Robert Divine and myriad others. Some even have their names as part of the book’s brand, for example, Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook (Ira Kurzban) and Gibber on Estate Administration (Allan Gibber).

These authors contracted with medium- to large-scale publishers. But a growing population of lawyers is taking the self-publishing route — like best-selling romance novelist Louise Bay. Even authors who have contracts with big publishers are testing the self-publishing waters.Read The Rest

Legal Innovation

Will AI Change the Way We Work for Better or for Worse?

AI brain

Across industries, we have repeatedly seen that innovative technology does not replace the unique value-add of humans. Still, the uncertainty of change can leave any profession anxious. A recent study found half of the lawyers at London’s biggest law firms believe AI and machine learning technologies will threaten their roles and lead to job cuts. It was a hot topic of discussion at last week’s Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law conference, Beyond Our Borders: A Global Legal Innovation Summit. Read The Rest

Time Management

Urgent versus Important: Where Should You Focus?

meter with high priority in red

Much time is wasted by our inability to focus our attention and effort on what is truly important. Whether due to distractions (email alerts, shiny objects, interruptions), difficulty prioritizing or basing decisions on how we feel (physically and emotionally), it’s easy to lose sight of where our efforts are most needed. This leads to procrastination for some, while others feel like they’re constantly working just to keep their head above water, always in crisis mode.Read The Rest


Permanently Modifying Word’s Heading Styles

Microsoft’s idea of attractive headings doesn’t suit most legal documents. But you can permanently change your default heading styles so you can start every new document with headings in the right typeface and font color. One of the first things that legal users of Word want to change is the default font settings, particularly for headings. After all, legal documents don’t generally have big blue text.Read The Rest

HotDocs Product Spotlight

How Document Assembly Solves Three of Your Biggest Challenges

The key to a profitable law practice is to work smarter, not harder. One important tool that allows you to do this is document assembly. For 30 years, HotDocs technology has been used by law firms worldwide to improve their document production processes. Listed below are several best practices gained from thousands of small law firms that use HotDocs each day.Read The Rest


Challenge or Be Challenged: How to Relieve the Pressure of Running a Small Law Firm

Are you feeling like you can never get out from under the pressure of running a small law firm? Now you have statistics to validate that. When Thomson Reuters published their 2017 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Study, it revealed these five challenges — and little has changed.Read The Rest