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Skill Building

Keep Growing: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

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It’s always interesting to me how many lawyers still think a successful law practice centers on knowing lots of legal principles. The reality is, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s true that you know how to read analytically, how to quickly assess, review and assimilate case law and statutes. You have a good appreciation of the sheer depth and complexity of legal analysis. These things are necessary but insufficient.Read The Rest

Nothing But The Ruth!

Provide Maximum Value When You Speak at Conferences

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Nothing But the Ruth

Last month, I was asked to speak at BlogPaws, a national conference for pet bloggers. (Yes, I got to take Rosie the basset hound with me.) I was part of a panel that presented a three-hour workshop called “Legal Dos and Dont’s of Blogging and Social Media.” This time, I deployed some new techniques to maximize the impact of our talk, and I think they worked.Read The Rest

The Friday Five

A Practice Management Advisor’s Tips for Choosing Case Management Software

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Friday Five

For almost 14 years, I’ve answered my telephone at the South Carolina Bar and taken questions from lawyers and their staff. Questions about case management software are probably in the top three reasons for calls. (I used to distinguish between practice management software, which includes front- and back-office functions, and case management, which has front-office functions. While I still believe in this subtle distinction, fewer companies and lawyers do. Now I think you can use the terms interchangeably and be understood perfectly.)

A typical call to PMAP might go something like this. You, the caller — perhaps a new lawyer or one with 20 years in a small firm — anticipate a brief exchange and easy answer. You ask me, “Which case management software do you recommend?” and wait with pen poised to write down the one perfect piece of software that fits everyone so you can purchase it without any annoying trials and tests.

It isn’t fun to burst your bubble in our first minute of conversation, butRead The Rest

Well Said!

Purge Toxic Clients from Your Practice, Part 2

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Well said 3_Attorney at Work

In Part 1 of “Purge Toxic Clients,” we walked through how to identify a bad client. Today, having identified them, let’s look at how to actually end the relationship.

When ending a client relationship, you have three goals: 1) Politely explain the situation; 2) Be professional — you never know where people will be five, 10 or 15 years in the future; and 3) set clear expectations of what to expect from you next.Read The Rest

Content Marketing

Five Characteristics of Highly Effective Legal Videos

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You can create a video that simply exists on your website, or you can create legal videos that help you capture new clients and cases. While there is no magic formula to creating effective legal video content, there are general rules and guidelines you can follow to ensure that your video is positioned for success.

If you’re venturing into the realm of video marketing for the first time (or if you’re looking to fine-tune your content to achieve the best results), here are five common characteristics of highly effective legal videos.Read The Rest

Ask the Experts at LMA

I Want My Law Partner to Cross-Sell Me!

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Question: How can I get my partner to cross-sell me to her great contacts?

One of the toughest nuts to crack in a law firm is getting that important introduction to someone else’s client. You know they need your expertise and experience, and you’re positive it would be good for the firm. Too often, though, your partners hold their clients so close they lose sight of what those clients may need from others. Here’s advice from the Legal Marketing Association’s Adam Severson and Lisa Simon.Read The Rest