Daily Dispatch

Well Said!

Stone Soup: A Client Development Metaphor

well said

There is an old folk story that makes a fine metaphor for client development. In the tale, hungry strangers (read: the law firm client team) facilitate the people of a town (the team’s clients) giving them food (solving a problem and getting paid for doing so). The story is…Read The Rest

Exit Strategy

Leaving Your Law Firm: Who Can You Tell, and When?

So, you’ve decided to leave your firm. One of the first questions that likely comes to mind is whether — and when — you can tell clients, your firm, colleagues and staff. As it turns out, there are some clear guidelines regarding whom you can tell, and when. Like so many things related to a partner departure, it can get complicated. It’s important to know the general landscape, but then you need to analyze how the rules apply to your situation.Read The Rest

Getting Clients

16 Good Things to Do with a Business Card (Yours and Theirs)

getting clients

I take a perverse sort of pleasure in asking lawyers for their business card. It reveals a lot about a person. How deeply must they dig to find one? If it takes more than one pocket, it’s a safe bet he isn’t winning this week’s “Be Prepared” award. Does…Read The Rest

The Friday Five

A Solo’s Tips on Balancing Client Calls and Personal Time

client calls

If you’re a solo practitioner or in a small law firm, you are likely a slave to your smartphone, making sure clients can always reach you. As the managing partner at a small firm, I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with my clients’ demands as my practice grew. Many weekends I spent more time on my phone talking and emailing with clients than I spent enjoying my “free” time.

I decided I needed to cut down on the after-hours and weekend communications.Read The Rest


CRM of the Crop: Lexicata Represents a Step Forward in Client Intake


Until recently, law firms have had to rely on generic business software for managing customer relations, including intake. Salesforce is the longtime leader in that category. Starting with Avvo’s release of Ignite, however, law firm-specific choices have become available. One of the latest entries, Lexicata, built by LawKick co-founders Michael Chasin and Aaron George, represents an important step forward in this segment.Read The Rest

Get to the Point!

You Can’t Practice Law Without Math

Get to the Point

A big part of a lawyer’s role is negotiation, and that means numbers. A lawyer has to be able to calculate the value of whatever is being negotiated. Case evaluation is part art and a lot of math. Pulling a number out of the air and hoping the other side will accept it does a disservice to your client and the other parties to the negotiation. You will be more persuasive if you can show your position is supported by a solid analysis of the financial factors driving the negotiation.Read The Rest

NOthing But the Ruth!

Once More Unto the Breach: Taking a Second Bar Exam

Nothing But the Ruth

Last month I signed up to take the California bar exam in July. (I’m fully aware I might be insane.) Taking the Arizona bar exam right after law school, when I had no obligations outside of studying, was challenging enough. This time, I reached out to colleagues who passed a second bar exam while working to ask for their advice on braving the gauntlet again.Read The Rest