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Can You Relocate Without Taking a New Bar Exam?

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Whether you’re a military spouse, adventurous spirit or just want to move to another state, relocating once you are a licensed attorney brings special headaches. Unlike other licensed professions, like CPAs, where reciprocity among state licensing authorities is the norm, lawyers face the possibility of sitting for another bar exam in every new state. That may give you enough heartburn to forgo a lower cost of living, a great new job for your spouse or being closer to (or farther from) family.

Before you scuttle your relocation plans, here are some ways you may be able to remain a practicing lawyer in
a new state — without taking another bar exam.Read The Rest

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The Right Way to Start a Law Blog?

law blog

QUESTION: “I’ve been bringing our law firm into the 21st century by tweeting and posting on our Facebook page about recent legal news and opinions. While I’ve shared a lot of content, I thought it was about time to start publishing our own content through a legal blog on our firm’s website, especially if it will drive more traffic our way.

“Our first blog post was about a recent criminal defense case for a returning client. It merely uses public information in the criminal complaint, which the post discusses, and identifies the legal issues and precedent in our jurisdiction.

“Is this within the Rules of Professional Responsibility? Any blogging tips?”Read The Rest


Legal Incubators Help New Solo Practitioners Overcome Hurdles


It is said that new lawyers only face two challenges when opening their own practices: not knowing how to practice law and not knowing how to manage a practice. Other than that, the rest is easy.

Other than that, the rest is easy.

In recent years, a number of “incubator” programs have sprung up to provide recent law school graduates with the training and infrastructure to launch solo practices while encouraging them to offer reasonable rates to modest means clients to address the access to justice crisis.Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Things That Slow Growth in a Law Firm

Many lawyers who own their own firms are frustrated by a lack of growth compared to other firms. I often hear “It’s too hard,” “That firm has a secret sauce,” “They get better cases” or “Law firms that grow quickly must be doing something underhanded.” None of that is true — except maybe the secret sauce. And the sauce is not that secret.

When it comes to scaling their businesses, I often see the same five things that slow law firms’ growth. When you know what these things are — and how to address them — you can grow quickly, sustainably and, most important, profitably.Read The Rest

Comedy in the Courtroom

How Learning Improv Gives Lawyers an Edge

There are places where you can tell a joke and places where you definitely shouldn’t. Generally, the courtroom is not the first choice for stand-up comedy. Unless you’re Paul Farahvar. Farahvar took improv classes at Chicago’s Second City comedy school to improve his courtroom game. “Originally, I took improv classes and did comedy to loosen up,” says Farahvar. The classes definitely helped — maybe a little too much. Today Farahvar, still a practicing litigation attorney in Chicago, is also a full-time stand-up comic.Read The Rest

Managing Uncertainty

Seven Business Lessons for Lawyers from Improv Comedy

Good improv comics have an ability to walk onto a stage and connect with an audience effortlessly. It may seem like this is because of their innate acting talent, but that’s only part of it. Improv training gives these actors a toolbox of learned skills that allow them to bring their talent to life on stage. These same skills work just as well on the business stage as they do in a theater.Read The Rest

Content Under Pressure

Proofreading and Mindfulness: Bringing a Nonjudgmental Observer to Your Copy

Content Marketing

With spellcheckers and online grammar guardians such as Grammarly, proofreading has become a nostalgic pastime for some writers. But proofreading is more than spotting typographical errors; it is a chance to impartially consider usage and sentence construction.

Like mindfulness, proofreading contributes to peace of mind. Read The Rest