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Don’t Be Commoditized: How to Rise to the Top as the Competition Races to the Bottom

Do not Be Commoditized

According to the 2018 Report on the State of the Legal Market by the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, the business environment for law firms is more challenging than ever with: Flat demand for legal services. Declining profit margins and weakening collections. Fickle clients — nearly 60 percent are…Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Best Practices for Law Firm Content Marketing

Massive resources go into developing a law firm website. But what happens after launch? Too often, far too little thought goes into developing a sustainable strategy to produce content that leads to new business.Read The Rest

Enterprising Lawyers

Using Tech to Expand the Pro Bono Provider Pie

When the phrase “legal tech” comes to mind, it’s usually associated with the tools that propel law firm operations, or even automating tasks otherwise performed by lawyers to reduce corporate legal spend. But what if legal tech ultimately shines the brightest light in the nonprofit sector, helping to solve the access to justice crisis?Read The Rest

Curmudgeon's Perspective

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

As in earlier movies in the series, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” portrays attorneys in a bad light. Maybe that doesn’t bother you, but it bothers me. While there is some truth in that representation, I don’t think we do enough to try to rectify it.Read The Rest

Analog Attorney

House Stationery Is the New Black

house stationery analog attorney

Image is critical. You know this. It’s embedded in every design decision you make for your practice. You labored over your website. Your business cards are richly tactile, with serif small caps embossed on 100-grain paper. Your brochures are award-worthy. Your emails are gorgeous. You’ve considered everything about the experience of your office, too, from the carpet to the door handles.

Everything you offer potential clients and visiting counsel is top-notch. Outstanding. Until they ask for a piece of paper. Then you toss them a bent legal pad you got from Office Supply Store dot com.Read The Rest


It Takes More than a Scanner: What Small Law Firms Must Know to Successfully Go Paperless

Documents flying off computer screen Paperless Law office

According to the International Legal Technology Association, almost half of all legal purchases of imaging, scanning or optical character recognition is made by small law firms.* If you’re among them, congratulate yourself for making a smart investment in paperless technology, considering that increasingly: Clients prefer the speed and ease…Read The Rest


The Profitable Benefits of Legal Project Management

Person working on laptop computer Legal Practice Management

Legal Project Management (LPM). It’s a buzzword you hear a lot in the legal industry as the “next big thing.” In fact, managing a matter as a lawyer is as old as the profession itself. What’s different now are the tools available to manage your matter more efficiently and…Read The Rest