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Core Digital Marketing Strategies

Pay-Per-Click Tips to Boost Your Law Firm’s Leads

By | Nov.30.17 | 2 Comments

Pay-per-click, PPC, paid search — these terms might be familiar to you. Perhaps you’ve even tried Google AdWords but found this digital marketing channel unsuccessful. Usually, that is due to a poorly optimized account instead …Continue reading »

Google My Law Firm

Three Reasons Google Is Your New Home Page

By | Oct.11.17 | No Comments

Basically, Google is the internet these days. Nobody says, “Go search this on the internet.” They say, “Google it.” Google’s goal is to deliver to the searcher — you, me and your potential client — …Continue reading »

Google My Law Firm

Local Map Rankings: Has Your Law Firm Been Filtered?

By | Sep.14.17 | 2 Comments

Local map rankings are a big deal for law firms. If you’re an attorney with an unstaffed virtual office, share the same building with a law firm in the same practice area, or even have …Continue reading »

Get Found!

Law Firm Marketing: Six Hot Search Tips for 2016

By | Feb.08.16 | 1 Comment

Driving traffic to your website through organic search is on every law firm’s marketing agenda — or it should be. If you’ve targeted wisely, then a significant percentage of your organic search traffic is primed …Continue reading »

Local Marketing

Awesome Online Marketing Resources for Lawyers

By | Feb.12.14 | 1 Comment

You already know that Internet marketing for your law firm comes with many challenges. The biggest is simply determining what you need to do and how to get it done in the time you’ve allotted. …Continue reading »

Local Search Marketing

Lawyers’ Top 10 Local Search Marketing Questions

By | Dec.18.13 | 1 Comment

These past few months, Mike Ramsey has been introducing us to Local Search Marketing. And, rookie, master marketer or somewhere in the middle, you’ve probably concluded that this is one incredibly complicated — and frustrating — world. It’s …Continue reading »

Local Marketing

Paid Online Advertising for Your Law Practice

By | Nov.21.13 | No Comments

Paying for website traffic is a great way to get into the world of online marketing because it can instantly bring prospective clients to your website. That can help get the phone ringing now, while …Continue reading »

Local Marketing Series

Get Likes, Links and Shares for Your Law Firm

By | Oct.24.13 | No Comments

It’s no secret that links help your rankings on search engines. It’s also no secret that likes, follows and +1’s are signs of popularity and working their way into search engine ranking factors as well. Here’s the …Continue reading »

Local Marketing Series

Tracking and Testing Online Marketing Efforts

By | Sep.30.13 | 3 Comments

Last time, in part four of our Local Marketing series, Mike Ramsey outlined the components you need to “Design the Best Law Firm Website.” Obviously, the goal is to attract potential clients to your site. And that begs …Continue reading »