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Word Styles: Automating a Table of Contents

By | Dec.11.14 | 1 Comment

Watch Attorney at Work and Legal Office Guru’s videos for quick Microsoft Office tips. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our work. If we’re lucky, we love most of what we do, most of …Continue reading »

Master Styles in Microsoft Word

By | Nov.04.14 | No Comments

In this “Power User” series, Vivian Manning has been teaching us the ins and outs of Microsoft Word Styles — helping us understand why they are so necessary and how to apply and customize Styles to suit individual tastes. But …Continue reading »

Power User

For Better or Worse: Customizing Styles in Microsoft Word

By | Sep.25.14 | No Comments

Check Attorney at Work and Legal Office Guru’s videos for quick tip on using Microsoft Office — including customizing styles. In last month’s column, “Stylin’ It in Microsoft Word,” I showed how using Word’s default Styles to …Continue reading »

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Stylin’ It in Microsoft Word

By | Aug.14.14 | No Comments

Do you ever wish you could just open your closet in the morning and pull out an entire coordinated outfit? Imagine deciding to dress “business casual,” and reaching in to retrieve a hanger holding a complete outfit …Continue reading »

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Use New School Legal Technology

By | Jul.01.14 | No Comments

I recently read an article, Why old school attitudes to technology are hitting law firm profitability, by Neil Cameron, who beautifully sets out the profitability argument for lawyers and staff to properly use the legal technology …Continue reading »

Where, Oh, Where Has My Email Gone?

By | May.19.14 | No Comments

We are so used to instant gratification when it comes to communication — instant messaging, texting, all-access all-the-time smartphones. We can’t even get away from it when we travel, especially now that more and more …Continue reading »

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Ready for Inspection! Word 2013 Document Inspector

By | Mar.27.14 | No Comments

Before a new airplane rolls off the production line and is put into service, it undergoes exhaustive inspections until it’s certified as completely airworthy. Even more inspections take place before and after every single flight …Continue reading »

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Bid Farewell to Windows XP

By | Feb.17.14 | No Comments

The firm I work in is Windows-based, just like the vast majority of North American law firms. When our firm upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows XP, I became a much less grumpy techie. Windows …Continue reading »

Email Tech Tips

Fine-Tune Your Outlook Junk Mail Settings

By | Jan.16.14 | No Comments

As Outlook has matured, so has its Junk Mail filter — it’s getting better and better at recognizing what’s good and wanted, and what’s bad and not. You’ll seldom find “good” mail in your Outlook …Continue reading »

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Power User Guide: Best-Loved Keyboard Shortcuts

By | Dec.11.13 | No Comments

Check Attorney at Work and Legal Office Guru’s videos for quick Microsoft Office tips. Break up with your mouse! You know that old chestnut from composer Burt Bacharach, “Make it easy on yourself, ’cause breaking up …Continue reading »