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Give Your Clients the Most by Outsourcing

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Freelance Outsource

My kids are loud, messy and often extremely annoying, but they’re awesome. They need a lot of things — to be loved, taught, fed, dressed and more. I try my damnedest to meet all of their needs, but I can’t do it all. So here’s my key to sanity as a parent: My job is to make sure they get all of the things they need, but I don’t need to be the one actually giving them all of those things.

Well, except the love part.

Lawyering can be a lot like parenting … READ THE REST

Getting the Lowdown

Every Lawyer’s Investigative Research Database

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Research data wp

If you are just opening your practice or can’t afford to hire a private investigator when you need one, consider applying for a subscription to an investigative database such as TLOxp, and do your own investigating.

TLOxp’s database is made up of public records, publicly available information and proprietary information, including credit headers. TLOxp can be used to:… READ THE REST

Well Said

How to Speak to Your Dream Client

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Well said 3_Attorney at Work

Recently, a lawyer who said he’d “been given the chance to meet with my dream client” asked for help preparing for that meeting. He allowed that, “they’re not adding any new panel counsel yet, but I was still given the opportunity to meet with the decision-maker!”

Many of you may have experienced this kind of elation at gaining an audience with a coveted prospect. You may also have experienced disappointment when nothing came of it. … READ THE REST

Friday Five+ Tech Tips

Must-Have Tech Tools to Start Up a Law Practice

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Tech Tips Friday Five

What’s the “bare minimum” technology a lawyer needs to start up a solo law practice today? For this month’s Friday 5+ Tech Tips, we asked practice management tech experts Jim Calloway, Heidi Alexander, Catherine Sanders Reach and Carole Levitt for their best advice for startups. READ THE REST

Play to Win

Expertise Marketing: The Value of Credentials

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Play to Win

Recently, I was talking with a lawyer who had been referred a very nice piece of business right in her practice sweet spot. She said to me, “I don’t even know how they heard of me.” Putting aside the suggestion that she ask to find out, it got me thinking about how important credentials are in attracting legal work.

Sure, we all talk about the importance of relationships in business development, including building our networks and cultivating contacts. But the fact is that the world is changing and, with it, the ways that clients select counsel. Clients have new ways of finding information and like to do their own research.

Why Your Credentials Matter … READ THE REST

Your Law Firm Website

A Definitive Guide to Website Hosting

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Website Hosting

Website hosting basics are important to anyone with a website. Sure, the topic is about as thrilling as discussing dental hygiene, and the details may seem confusing when you start talking with your website designer and IT person. You need to understand what you are buying and what to watch out for, though, because bad hosting choices can lead to slow websites, security issues and miserable tech support.

And that adds up to a waste of your time and money. READ THE REST