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Status Check: How Much Money Will You Really Make This Year?

By | Nov.17.15 | 1 Comment


With the end of the year drawing near, who doesn’t wonder how much cash they’re going to clear — and what they can do to improve the number. Peggy Gruenke offers help in this classic “how-to” from the Attorney at Work Archives.

The year’s end is right around the corner, along with the holiday season. So, what do you really want for a holiday gift? How about getting paid for the work you did during the year? … READ THE REST

Tidying Up

Hands-on Help for the Disorganized Desk

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Disorganised Desk

Judging by the 50-plus weeks “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” has been on The New York Times best-seller list, Americans have a new fascination with getting organized. By my observation, lawyers as a class are not an organized lot. From the look of many law offices I have visited, the floor seems to be the file repository of choice. If your desk is as messy and disorganized as mine was (notice the past tense), there’s a solution. … READ THE REST

The Friday Five

Get Visible: Five Tips for Effective Legal Marketing

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To find more clients, stop thinking like a lawyer and start thinking like a small business owner: Evaluate your market, identify what you want to sell and advertise yourself effectively. To that end, remember that people who aren’t intimately familiar with local attorneys don’t necessarily pick the most credible counsel — they pick the most visible. (Even I would rather ask Google who’s the best lawyer than waste my brainpower trying to remember who to call, and I’m a lawyer.)

In today’s “microwave mentality” world, where you have 30 seconds to impress, visibility is key. Here’s how to ensure people know who to call when they need your specialized expertise … READ THE REST


Dull Marketing Copy? How to Manage the Editing Process

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Writing and editing marketing copy — for a brochure, proposal, website, whatever — can be a high-wire act. If there’s more than one lawyer in your practice, you know it’s true: Make editing a group event, and it becomes a management nightmare. Too many people on the tightrope leads to disaster.

Don’t feel badly; it happens even in the best-run law firms. So let’s look at how to ease the pain. … READ THE REST

Nothing But The Ruth

Finding Your Law Firm’s Social Media Voice

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Nothing But the Ruth

Recently the lawyers in my new firm decided to be more active on social media, particularly in blogging and on a Facebook page. The partners are looking to me for guidance on how to build their online presence, and I, in turn, am looking to them for guidance on what the firm’s persona is.

I know how we are when we interact within the four walls of our office — but what aspects of the firm do we want to highlight in our online presence? … READ THE REST

Finish Your Sentences!

Stop ‘Rough-Drafting’ and Learn to Speak with Precision

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We would never leave a written sentence unfinished. Why don’t we speak with the same care? Instead, we seem to be constantly editing, hitting the delete button, starting over, revising and rough-drafting out loud.

There is a fix for hanging fragmentitis. When you hear yourself starting sentences over, help yourself bring sentences to an end by doing three things. … READ THE REST