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I Landed the Sales Opportunity, So Now What?

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sales opportunity

Question: “After several networking lunches and casual meetings with a potential client, she invited me to come meet with her and her staff to “tell us what you can do for us.” What should I do? How can I make sure I stand out and get the work?” In this edition of “Ask the Experts” we hear from Legal Marketing Association members Stacy Smith, Jim Jarrell and Paul Bonner. …READ THEIR ANSWERS

Instilling Client Confidence in Your Practice

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The Welcome Mat

In this series, Oklahoma attorney Noble McIntyre has been offering tips on rolling out the welcome mat for clients and prospective clients. His first two posts provided pointers on phone etiquette and office appearance — but it’s the people in your firm who set the tone. In this installment, Noble looks at how their behavior can help instill client confidence.

In every interaction with a client, the people involved are the most important element. And on the firm’s side, it’s not just about you, the client’s lawyer, but about the other people in your office, too. … READ MORE

The Friday Five

What’s the Buzz with Legal Marketing?

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Friday Five

The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) held its annual conference last week in Orlando, Florida, attended by more than 1,200 professional marketers. The buzz focused on a range of topics, from adapting to the “new normal” and sophisticated pricing strategies to using technology to market legal services and considering generational differences in your marketing message.

1. New normal. Jordan Furlong of Law21 and Edge International presented an audience of chief marketing officers with a startling image of two worlds colliding. The client’s world, driven by the need to reduce costs and improve efficiency is crashing into the law firm world, characterized by the billable hour, a reluctance to change and well-established client service delivery methods. READ MORE

Lawyers: Get (In) Credible with Video

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The best way for potential clients to gauge chemistry and competence — short of meeting you in person — is by watching you in an online video. With a mere tap on their tablet or smartphone, they can get up close and personal for a sample of your style. While the technology gets easier, secrets remain about how to come across well on video. Drew Keller, expert on just that topic, will give tips on ”How to Tell Your Story with Video” at Lawyernomics 2014. We asked him for a preview. … READ THE INTERVIEW

Putting Your Personal Brand to the Test

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Nothing But the Ruth

Katy Goshtasbi provides an excellent yet simple definition of a personal brand: It’s what people say about you behind your back. Essentially, it’s your reputation.

As people have become more active on social media, though, the idea of a personal brand has expanded. Before social media, I suspect your reputation was largely based on what your professional peers thought of you in the workplace. Now, however, people share their activities and thoughts outside the workplace with pretty much everyone. This forces us to be more mindful about how our personal posts could affect our professional reputation.

Recently, a law school asked me to speak about how to build a personal brand. … READ MORE


Back to Business School for Ethics Violations

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choose a lawyer

When a lawyer runs afoul of the rules of professional conduct, there are consequences. Depending on the severity of the rule violation, discipline might consist of disbarment, suspension, reprimand (public censure) or admonition (private reprimand). What about being sent back to school for an ethics violation?

States frequently follow ABA standards, which permit “other sanctions and remedies” that are “consistent with the purposes of lawyer sanctions.” Disciplinary officials have attempted to impose such “other sanctions” with mixed results. … READ MORE