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All Mac Practice, Part Two

Lawyers Who Use Macs: Why They Do It and How

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Mac Law Office

In Part One of this “all-Mac” series, “Still Want an All-Mac Law Office?,” we talked about what you need — hardware, software, cloud services and more — and how you can get your Mac law office going. For Part Two, I reached out to four of the most prolific and proficient Mac-using lawyers to ask how they run their practices on a Mac, so you can benefit from their insights. … … READ THE Q&A’s

All Mac Practice, Part 1

Still Want an All-Mac Law Office? What You Need and How You Can Do It

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Mac Law Office

Three years ago, I wrote a primer for Attorney at Work on setting up an all-Mac law office. For this new two-part series, in addition to updating that earlier article here, I’ve reached out to four Mac-using lawyers — Victor Medina, David Sparks, Ben Stevens and Jeremy Worley — for their insight and advice. You can read their full replies tomorrow on Attorney at Work.

How Many Lawyers Are Using Macs? There are two reasons lawyers contemplate using a Macintosh in their practice. One is because they’re already using an iPhone or iPad and a Mac would complete their Apple-y experience. (Some call this the “halo effect.”)

The second is that many lawyers have a Mac at home either for their own use or a family member’s (e.g., for offspring attending college). They’ve become enamored with the “it just works” dependability and yearn for the same experience on their work computer. … READ THE REST

Nothing But The Ruth!

Disregarding the Traditional Workweek

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Nothing But the Ruth

When did we decide that the “workweek” should be defined as Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.? (Okay, I know a good many lawyers work a lot more than that, but you know what I’m saying.)

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of time and what it means in terms of my work. When I was a solo practitioner, I was only in my office two or three days a week — the days I met with clients or when I wanted to be free of the distractions of home. It wasn’t uncommon for me to run the errands that most people save for the weekends or to work on community activities during the middle of the week. Since joining a firm, even though I am of counsel and have autonomy over my schedule, I feel obligated to be in the office Monday through Friday. Why is that? … READ THE REST

On Balance

Finding Work-Life Balance as a Solo: Ethics Tips

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On Balance

Work-life balance is such a great catchphrase, encapsulating the struggle we all face as we walk the tightrope between our careers and personal lives. If you ever worked in a large organization (think BigLaw), it probably looked like balance would be much easier to achieve outside the institution. What a shock, then, to go solo and find out balance is no easier to find, even without a senior partner breathing down your neck.

Plus, as a solo, your own failure to maintain work-life balance can create thorny ethics problems. … There is a lot of advice out there for developing work-life balance, but here are some tips specific to solo lawyers to help you ease the stress and avoid ethics complaints … READ THE REST

The Friday Five

Five Sources for Professional Help in a Pinch

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When you’re pressed for time, you may feel there aren’t enough people or hours to get everything done. You can’t do it all — but whether it’s administrative, marketing or legal work, professional help is available on surprisingly short notice. Places to Turn When You Think There’s Nowhere to Turn […]

Productivity Tip

The Simplest Steps to Beat Back Email

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Outlook Email

Email use continues its upward climb. The Radicati Group recently reported that email use is growing at 5 percent per year and will to do so through 2019. Though growth is slowing, the existing volume makes any increase problematic.

Sorting through email takes a lot of time each day, and keeping track of what needs our attention is overwhelming. What if there was a quick and easy way to decide what to do with every email? … READ THE REST