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Putting Your Personal Brand to the Test

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Nothing But the Ruth

Katy Goshtasbi provides an excellent yet simple definition of a personal brand: It’s what people say about you behind your back. Essentially, it’s your reputation.

As people have become more active on social media, though, the idea of a personal brand has expanded. Before social media, I suspect your reputation was largely based on what your professional peers thought of you in the workplace. Now, however, people share their activities and thoughts outside the workplace with pretty much everyone. This forces us to be more mindful about how our personal posts could affect our professional reputation.

Recently, a law school asked me to speak about how to build a personal brand. … READ MORE


Back to Business School for Ethics Violations

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When a lawyer runs afoul of the rules of professional conduct, there are consequences. Depending on the severity of the rule violation, discipline might consist of disbarment, suspension, reprimand (public censure) or admonition (private reprimand). What about being sent back to school for an ethics violation?

States frequently follow ABA standards, which permit “other sanctions and remedies” that are “consistent with the purposes of lawyer sanctions.” Disciplinary officials have attempted to impose such “other sanctions” with mixed results. … READ MORE

Keeping Your Spring Fashion Frolic in Check

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Loyal adherents to the professional dress code shudder at the arrival of warmer weather. Spring — especially that first 65-degree day — is the time when normally well-dressed lawyers are tempted to throw off their woolen suits and play hooky, at least where their wardrobes are concerned.

Even a fleeting disregard for professional attire can take a toll. While every spring fling inevitably comes to an end, the images of inappropriately clad attorneys are forever burned into the brains of their clients, colleagues and supervising partners. You probably want to avoid that, so here are some guidelines to keep your frolic with spring fashion in check. … READ MORE

Friday Five

Five Moves Toward Paperless Perfection

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Friday Five

When he started his solo practice, Bryan Sims knew he wanted a paperless firm: “I didn’t want to pay for storage,” he recalls. At ABA TECHSHOW 2014, Sims said a change of attitude is the key to a paperless path: “The first step is to change your idea of what it is to work. Work isn’t generating paper, it’s generating documents. Nobody generates documents on a piece of paper anymore, and your work product is information you store on a computer — not on paper.”

That’s hard to argue with, eh? And there was plenty of other great advice at the conference on making the transition to paperless a lot less sticky for law offices. Whether you want to perfect your paperless workflow or simply be a more productive lawyer, these tips from ABA TECHSHOW can help you get more done — with less paper. … READ MORE

Get to the Point!

Why a TED Talk Is Like a Chicago Hot Dog

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These days it seems like everybody wants to claim, “I gave a TED talk.” The reason? These talks are famous for being fresh and interesting. TED talks are no longer than 18 minutes — ever. Official TED talks take place at TED or TED-licensed conferences and deal with Technology, Entertainment or Design, though TED talkers interpret those labels pretty broadly.

So probably you are not going to be giving a TED talk, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the hallmark ingredients of TED talks in your presentations. … READ MORE

Stretching the Life of a Law Firm Website

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People who are new to building law firm websites want the process to be as simple and inexpensive as possible. While web developers want the same, they also want you to understand the life expectancy of a law firm website, and what you’ll need to do to maintain your site at peak productivity for as long as possible.

A website is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor, where once you create the product, it’s completely done and you don’t have to attend to it again. Having a website is more like having a puppy. Once you bring it home, you still need to feed it, play with it and keep it clean.

To keep your website healthy and productive, stay on top of these two things … READ MORE