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Can You Be a Better Boss?

By | Feb.25.15 | 0 Comments

Super Boss

Question: From a firm administrator’s perspective, what could a lawyer do to be a better boss?

Supervising staff can be a challenge, but any lawyer can be a good boss with a little conscious effort. In this edition of “Ask the Experts from the Association of Legal Administrators,” Sharon Abrahams and Paul Morton offer key advice to improve your supervisory skills. … READ THE REST

Companionate Love, Part Two

10 Strategies for Bringing More Love into the Law

By | Feb.24.15 | 0 Comments

Love in the Law

Last week, Christy Cassisa introduced us to the concept of “companionate love” in the workplace. It’s a type of emotional culture in which relationships are based on warmth, caring and connection — and, as Christy detailed in Part One, research shows it’s good for employers, employees and even clients. Today, she gets practical with a list of how-to’s aimed at helping lawyers start the shift to a more caring culture in their own offices. … READ THE REST

Get to the Point

A Roman Walks Into a Bar

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Get to the Point

A Roman walks into a bar and tells the bartender, “I’d like a martinus.” The bartender says, “You mean a martini.” “No,” says the Roman, “I only want one.”

English is a funny language — in both senses of the word. English incorporates words from other languages, and sometimes that means the usual rules don’t work. Usually, we add “s” to the end of a word to make it plural or “es” if the word ends in s, sh, ch, or z. But more than one stimulus are “stimuli,” not “stimuluses.” … READ THE REST

The Friday Five

Use Facebook to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

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Friday Five

For lawyers, using Facebook for marketing is a tough nut to crack. And Facebook has been making it harder to reach your fans on its platform with some recent steps. Many brands are saying that their reach is getting smaller and smaller due to changes in the news feed algorithm. What can you do to still make use of the platform as a law firm? Here are some tips … READ THE REST

Law Practice Management

Managing Risk: What If Your Assumptions Are Wrong?

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Risk Management

Everyone makes assumptions. You might be surprised, though, at how many malpractice claims result merely from a lawyer working under a false assumption.

Take the attorney who allows her workload to grow beyond a reasonable level — she might not worry because she assumes that somehow she’ll find the time to get it all done. Or, she might assume a colleague will be available to pitch in, or that someone else is properly trained to assist her. The problem? What if there really isn’t enough time to get it done? What if no one else is available? What if the person asked to help out doesn’t know how to do the work correctly?

All kinds of assumptions come into play in any law practice. Here are two examples of how assumptions can cause you trouble, based on actual claims, and a few ways to address the problem. … READ THE REST

Tax Time Tips

Essential Financial Management for Lawyer Entrepreneurs

By | Feb.18.15 | 1 Comment

Essential Financial Management

If you are an attorney in your own firm, you have made the leap — you are an entrepreneur. You probably started your firm because you wanted that feeling of autonomy and control — you wanted to call the shots. But how much control do you really have? When a client calls, you have to answer. When you start a new marketing campaign, you have to wait for results. And when the calendar says it’s tax time, you have to collect your numbers and get your papers ready.

Taking Control of Your Business: The Three-Legged Stool. If you are like most attorney entrepreneurs, you make most decisions reactively. Instead of running your business, your business runs you. Like so many other things, tax season is something that just happens to you — something painful you just hope to survive.

If you’re constantly scrapping to keep up, it’s time to take a deep breath. It can get better and you can take control, even with taxes. But first you need a working system for managing your finances — all year-round. … READ THE REST