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Get to the Point

Dictionary Betrayal

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Get to the Point

Of course you use a dictionary when you don’t know the meaning of a word. But you might have to pay attention to context to figure out which definition applies and whether it’s the right word to use. That’s why the dictionary is the traitor among your legal writing tools. Turn instead to a loyal style and usage guide when you have questions about which word to use and much more. … READ THE REST

Friday Fit Five

Five Ways Your Smartphone Can Keep You Healthy

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That iPhone or Android in your pocket already does nearly everything but wash the car. So why not apply your smartphone’s smarts to getting and keeping a healthy glow? Today, lawyer and certified health coach Jamie Spannhake launches our “Fit Five” series, counting the ways (and apps) your smartphone can keep you running smoothly.

One consistent item in all our lives is our smartphones. Since we have them with us all the time, we should use them to help us get and stay healthy. Here are five ways.

1. Assess first. In any good plan to accomplish anything, you first need to assess where you are. My favorite app for this health-wise is MyFitnessPal. … READ THE REST

Play to Win

What Is Your Brand?

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Play to Win

Recently, a lot of attention has been given to branding — branding a law firm, branding a practice area or branding an individual lawyer. Yet some lawyers still think a brand is a logo, the firm name or a tagline. Others don’t see how branding applies to the legal profession at all. Even those who embrace the notion struggle mightily to get it right.

What Is a Brand? An effective brand should identify you and differentiate you from your competitors. It is often a combination of a name, behaviors, messaging, designs and symbols that provide you with instant recognition and awareness, promise consistency in the experience clients will have with you, and add value for clients.

How important is a brand? Research shows that more than half of all purchase decisions are brand-driven. How many times have you heard lawyers complain about clients making a decision to hire counsel based on CYA? Welcome to the world of branding. A brand name can provide comfort and assurance. … READ THE REST

Getting & Giving Referrals, Part 1

Get More Good Referrals for Your Law Practice

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lawyer referral network

What lawyer doesn’t like getting a good referral? The potential client’s matter fits your practice, and he’s heard good things about you from the person who sent him over.

So what are you doing now to get more of the referrals you want? You can build a steady stream of referral business — maybe not enough to abandon ads or stop worrying about your website, but enough to sustain and grow your practice. You’ll have to invest thought, time and energy into developing and implementing a plan, and it won’t happen overnight, but it is worth the effort.

The first step in your plan is figuring out who is likely to send potential clients to you. Then, you’ll intentionally approach them about giving you referrals. … READ THE REST

Online Marketing

A Look into 2015 Ethics for Social Media

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Social Media Marketing

Like most lawyers, you probably would rather be cleaning your desk and reorganizing all your files instead of thinking about how you should be using social media. There is a significant reluctance from lawyers on the topic of implementing a social media strategy, but the reality is this: Social media is not going away, and you need to be prepared to use it while also understanding how it can get you or your clients in trouble. … READ THE REST

One of a Kind

Put Your Creativity to Work (Yes, You)

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One of a Kind

Almost everyone accepts that we are in a time of radical change in the legal industry. Demand for legal services is flat. Entrepreneurs are finding ways to leverage technology to pick away at work — from discovery to estate planning — that once was the exclusive domain of the traditional lawyer. And what are most lawyers and law firms doing to adapt? Very little. They’re playing it safe, hunkering down and waiting to see how things “shake out.” But safe is risky …