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The Friday Five

The Latest in Legal Marketing

By | Apr.17.15 | 3 Comments

Friday Five

It’s clear that legal marketers continue to be an ever-growing force for change at law firms of any size. With more than 1,300 attendees from around the globe, this week’s Legal Marketing Association (LMA) annual conference in San Diego was the group’s largest to date. For such a specialized gathering, the conference covered a wide and impressive variety of topics interesting to marketers and lawyers alike. Here are John Byrne’s top takeaways …READ MORE

One of a Kind

Are You Being a Lawyer or Building a Practice?

By | Apr.16.15 | 1 Comment

One of a Kind

There’s a tricky balance that lawyers need to strike: staying focused on the “task at hand” while keeping an eye on the future. The task at hand involves acquiring technical skills — drafting, negotiation, deposition-taking — at a relatively early point in your career. There’s nothing you can do to get around this prerequisite to becoming a competent practitioner. You need to get a good handle on the fundamentals. READ THE REST

Getting & Giving Referrals, Part 3

Care and Feeding of Your Referral Network

By | Apr.15.15 | 0 Comments

lawyer referral network

Your referral network is a living thing. If you don’t feed it and water it, it will die, and if you don’t prune it back occasionally, it will collapse under its own weight.

If you’ve developed a network by identifying good sources and asking them for referrals, and you’re getting and giving referrals, then you’re already doing basic maintenance. Because good referrals are built on strong relationships, though, you’re going to need to do more than the basics to keep a consistent stream of business going. And, because you’re dealing with the ethics trifecta of clients, fees and getting business, you’re going to need to perform your maintenance within ethical boundaries. … READ THE REST

Decision-Making Skills, Part 2

Choosing to Choose Well

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Decision Making

Have you ever left a phone charger behind in a hotel room even though you carefully looked before checking out? Returned from grocery shopping only to remember you forgot the milk? Operated on someone, sewed them up, and then realized you left a sponge inside? (Oops, wrong profession.) Given a closing argument without having introduced a key piece of evidence?

When this kind of thing happens in the context of an important decision, you may pay a stiff penalty. And forgetfulness is just one of many glitches that get in the way of good choices. … READ THE REST

Nothing But the Ruth!

Have You Reddit?

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Nothing But the Ruth

If you are proficient in social media basics and looking for a new online community, I recommend checking out Reddit.

Reddit is a social media community made up of thousands of bulletin boards — called “subreddits” — on almost any topic you can imagine. Millions of people all over the world are active on Reddit. On each subreddit, users who are logged in (“Redditors”) can post a link to a relevant article or create a text post. The other Redditors can up-vote or down-vote your post, leave comments, and up- and down-vote others’ comments. It is a very interactive community. … READ THE REST

Product Beat Friday

Spring 2015 Legal Technology Scouting Report

By | Apr.10.15 | 0 Comments

Legal Technology Product Beat

With ABA TECHSHOW 2015 taking place April 16-18 in Chicago, we’re scoping out some of the most intriguing product updates and launches so far this year — including highlights from the announcements crossing our screens as the legal tech companies rev up for the big week ahead. ABA TECHSHOW draws scores of practice management technology experts and innovative companies — watch for expert tips and more news here after the conference.

Practice Management Software Updates. Here’s a sampling of the latest news … READ THE REST