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The Friday 1,000

Five Things We’re Celebrating at Attorney at Work

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1000 Posts

How long have you been a subscriber to Attorney at Work? Those of you who have been with us from the very beginning have been receiving “one really good idea every day” since December 2010. By our count, today marks 1,000 really good ideas in your email inbox!

While we’re not the kind who stop to celebrate just anything, 1,000 posts seems a worthy achievement. To celebrate, we’re taking time out from our regularly scheduled Friday 5 programming to send out a great big THANK YOU to all of our subscribers, contributors and sponsors — and do a little bragging. Here are five things you may not know about Attorney at Work. (Turns out these are about you, too.) READ THE REST


Web-Based Client Portals: Benefits to Clients

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Client Portals

In the first post in this series, attorney and MyCase Director Nicole Black introduced the concept of law practice management software platforms with built-in client portals. In part two, she outlined the benefits that web-based client portals offer lawyers. Today, she runs through the pluses from the client’s side — and includes an infographic on the many communications benefits of client portals.READ THE REST

Ask the Experts

Gender Bias: Time to Leave Your Law Firm?

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Women Lawyers

Question: “I’m a young female lawyer working in a midsize law firm. It’s fairly obvious that women are treated as second-class citizens around here. Are there ways that you have seen to effectively battle this bias — or do I just need to start looking for another job?”

In this edition of “Ask the Experts from the Association of Legal Administrators,” law firm HR experts Kelly Diewert and Shari Tivy have smart advice for women battling bias in their jobs. … READ THEIR ANSWERS

Risk Management

Create a Shared Vision for Your Law Firm

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes set aside time at year’s end to review their mission statement, strategic plan and operational plan. Unfortunately, few solo and small law firms see the value in using these particular business-planning tools. No matter your law firm’s size, there is value in knowing who you are as a business and where you are headed. Simply put, if you have no clear direction, isn’t your long-term success being left to the whims of fate? It certainly is … READ THE REST

20 Law Practice Empowerment Tips

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Paperless Tips

At the American Bar Association’s annual GPSolo National Solo and Small Firm Conference in October, practice management experts Peggy Gruenke and Alan Klevan presented “60 Practice Empowerment Tips in 60 Minutes” — focused on the nuts-and-bolts of running a successful law practice. We asked the pair to zero in on their favorite practice-boosting pointers — you could call this condensed version “20 Tips in 20 Minutes.” … READ THE REST

Play to Win

Make Your Marketing More Persuasive

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Play to Win

Lawyers often need to use persuasive skills in their work — convincing a judge or jury with an argument, persuading another party in a contract negotiation, convincing a client to pursue a realistic path. Yet when it comes to marketing, many resort to indistinguishable promises or generalizations. They say they are “accessible,” “responsive,” “experienced” or, my personal favorite, “provide quality services in a cost-effective manner.”

You can do many things to make your marketing messages more believable, whether in your bio, a proposal or a pitch for business. Here are four ideas to consider. READ THE REST