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Which Social Media Platforms Are Important for Lawyers?

By | Aug.04.15 | 1 Comment

You On Social Media

Question: I am an attorney looking to build my brand online. So what social media platforms should I get active in, or are any of them really that important?

A person could go crazy keeping up with every single social media platform. It’s impossible, even if you had time. So we asked the experts from the Legal Marketing Association to tell us where lawyers absolutely need to be. Reputation Ink’s Kristi Dosh says, “If you’re on no other platform professionally, you should be on LinkedIn.” Barley Snyder’s Jenna Wagner agrees, but adds that “JD Supra has quickly become a leading source for all things legal.” And PR pro Elizabeth Lampert points to some up-and-comers lawyers should consider … READ THE ANSWERS

Well Said!

When You’re Offered a Referral

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Well said 4_Attorney at Work

Successful lawyers have many contacts willing to introduce them to prospects or others who can help them. Too many of these introductions are squandered because the lawyer being offered the introduction doesn’t manage the proffer properly. The result is a pleasant but vacuous meeting with no logical basis for continuity, where nothing gets accomplished, all at the cost of creating two new debts.

What are the debts? When you offer to introduce me to Jack (below), I owe you. When Jack meets with me primarily at your behest, you owe Jack. We’ve created two debts. If I do this the right way, Jack will thank you for introducing me, and he’ll owe you. I have to do this before ever speaking to Jack.

When a referral source offers to arrange a meeting with someone she knows well, thank her for the offer, and ask how she thinks you can help that person. Ask your source why she believes the referred contact will welcome the meeting and benefit from the meeting itself — not from the great work you’ll eventually do for them. The answer identifies the problem that the prospect will acknowledge having. It may prove to be the agenda for your meeting, but it’s definitely the foundation of any worthwhile introduction.

To illustrate, let’s say that our client, Janice Brown, wants to introduce us to a friend and colleague. Here’s how that exchange might proceed … READ THE REST

Friday 5+ Tech Tips

Overwhelmed? Time Management Tips

By | Jul.31.15 | 0 Comments

Tech Tips Friday Five

What steps can you take to better manage your time so you’re truly more productive and less overwhelmed? For this month’s Friday 5+ Tech Tips, we asked the practice management experts for their best time management tip: a teensy tweak or trick that has made a difference — or their best advice for overhauling an entire process, if that’s what it takes. Heidi Alexander, Carole Levitt, Nora Regis, Lee Rosen, Catherine Reach and Mark Rosch help you clear the decks! …READ THE REST

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3 Steps to More Referrals

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lawyer referral network

What lawyer doesn’t like getting good referrals? The potential client’s matter fits your practice, and he’s heard good things about you from the person who sent him over.

You can build a steady stream of referral business — maybe not enough to abandon ads or stop worrying about your website, but enough to sustain and grow your practice. You’ll have to invest thought, time and energy into developing and implementing a plan, and it won’t happen overnight, but it is worth the effort.

The first step in your plan is figuring out who is likely to send potential clients to you … READ THE REST

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Beware the 4 Most Dangerous Outlook Features

By | Jul.29.15 | 0 Comments

Outlook Email

Of all the Microsoft Office applications in law offices, Outlook is hands-down the most frequently used. After all, who doesn’t need to handle email every day? But lurking in the shadows of your email routine are dangerous Outlook features that could jeopardize your law practice. Here are four that trip up even seasoned Outlook users. You’ll want to be wary of those last two, lest you accidentally breach attorney-client privilege. … READ THE REST

Easy as 1-2-3

4 Ways to Make Proposals and Pitches More Persuasive

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Play to Win

Lawyers often need to use persuasive skills in their work — convincing a judge or jury with an argument, persuading another party in a contract negotiation, convincing a client to pursue a realistic path. Yet when it comes to marketing, many resort to indistinguishable promises or generalizations. They say they are “accessible,” “responsive,” “experienced” or, my personal favorite, “provide quality services in a cost-effective manner.” You can do many things to make your marketing messages more believable, whether in your bio, a proposal or a pitch for business. Here are four ideas to consider … READ THE REST