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Friday Five Trending

Trending: Old Dogs, New Tricks

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Friday Five Trending

As the dog days of summer linger, why not learn a new skill from the helpful how-tos available online while you’re cooling down in the A.C.? From blogging to streamlining your practice, and pricing to online security, there are a number of guides found over the past month that might just help all us old dogs learn a new trick. … READ THE REST

One of a Kind

Substance and Form: The Elements of a Lawyer Brand

By | Aug.21.14 | 1 Comment

One of a Kind

Branding. It’s one of the most overworked and overanalyzed topics in the marketplace of ideas. Paradoxically, or perhaps consequently, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. This misunderstanding isn’t a definitional one. There’s a general consensus that a brand “is the sum of what others think of you” or something similar.

But there are two pertinent, preliminary questions beyond “what is branding?” worthy of exploration: Why is it important? And how is it done? … READ THE REST

Managing Stress

Five Ways Mindfulness Can Benefit Lawyers

By | Aug.20.14 | 2 Comments


Mindfulness means to be in the present and to accept each moment without preference or judgment. It’s an ancient practice that comes from Buddhism. It’s not a religious practice. Rather, it’s a way to engage in our lives with care and awareness.

The primary way to practice mindfulness is through meditation, where you sit quietly and settle your mind and body. It’s interesting to note that in every religion, there’s a practice of sitting silently, whether that’s in meditation or in prayer.

So how can cultivating mindfulness benefit lawyers? Here are several ways. … READ THE REST

On Balance

Attorney Misconduct — Time to Tattle?

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On Balance

Reporting another lawyer’s misconduct can bring on a mix of emotions. If the other lawyer is your adversary and you’ve been battling in the gutter, a bar complaint may be exactly what you wish on this person.

Lawyers know a lot of lawyers, though, and we get a lot of insight into each other’s lives through our professional and personal interactions. There are likely many lawyers you’d rather not report to the bar, knowing that a bar complaint is a ticket to havoc being wreaked on a lawyer’s life.

So are you obligated to report another lawyer if you know about an instance of attorney misconduct? … READ THE REST

Nothing But the Ruth

How to Suck at Networking

By | Aug.18.14 | 2 Comments

Nothing But the Ruth

If you’re a law firm owner or partner, you know the drill — when you’re not working in your business, you should be working on your business. For most of us, that includes a lot of networking — attending mixers, going to lunches, interacting with contacts on social media and the like.

Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in annoying networking behaviors that are at best ineffective, and at worst a guarantee that I will never do business with those people or send them any referrals. (I use Sage ACT! to manage my contacts and there are actually entries that have a note saying “NEVER REFER ANYONE HERE.”)

I wasn’t sure if it was just me who was getting frustrated by these behaviors, or, frankly, which ones are the most annoying, so I sent out a simple survey to get input from lawyers and other professionals. According to the 50-plus people who responded, these are the three worst networking offenses. … READ THE REST

The Friday Five

Five Lessons from Hackcess to Justice

By | Aug.15.14 | 1 Comment

Friday Five

At “Hackcess to Justice” last week in Boston, lawyers and developers spent two days hacking away at a “technological-enabled solution” to improve access to justice. Sponsored by the ABA Journal and hosted by Suffolk Law School in Boston, Hackcess to Justice is just one of several hackathons that have made their way into the legal community. Here are fivenifty things to know about the event, which abutted the 2014 ABA Annual Meeting. … READ THE FRIDAY FIVE