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The Friday Five

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2016

By | Jan.22.16 | 0 Comments

Friday Five

In 2016, reputation and relationships remain fundamental to client development. If anything’s changing, it’s the tools at our disposal to create, nurture and solidify our relationships.

Should you care about social media tools? I have no idea. (But if Otto’s giving it a shot … )

Seriously, though, at the risk of stating the obvious yet again, if you’ve determined that social media might help you meet your law firm’s 2016 business development goals, here are a few things on the horizon … READ THE REST

Play to Win

Increasing Contact With Clients

By | Jan.21.16 | 1 Comment

Play to Win

The more I conduct client feedback interviews, the more I realize how few quality contacts lawyers make with their clients outside the substantive legal work being done. The number of times clients fumble for the name of a lawyer who is actively involved in one of their matters is pretty astounding. Recently, one client said, “I can’t remember who it is and I’ve never met him.”

No matter how brilliant your advice or how good your results, client relationships need tending. … READ THE REST

Getting a Grip, Part 3

Loss of Control? Get the Right Management Tools

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fear-control WP

In this final installment of Dustin Cole’s “Getting a Grip” series, he identifies the three critical tools you’ll need to lasso your chaotic law practice and tame it to meet your needs.

Without the right management tools in your firm, chaos, stress and confusion often reign. If you feel out of control (and plenty of lawyers do), getting a grip on your law practice will require these three things. … READ THE REST

Demonstrating Expertise

Why Lawyers Should Self-Publish Books

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Lawyers writing books is certainly no grand innovation on the marketing front. If you can write a legal brief, you can write a book. But why should you? There are a number of reasons: 1. Authority. A book on a subject you practice daily with your name listed as the […]

Get to the Point!

Five Words You’re Probably Saying Wrong

By | Jan.18.16 | 0 Comments

Get to the Point

Incorrect pronunciation can signal there’s something not quite right about the speaker. The speaker means to sound impressive, but incorrect pronunciation is a sure way to undercut a message. Generally, only your mother will correct you, so you could be embarrassing yourself unknowingly.

A rich vocabulary allows you to communicate precisely and efficiently. Here are five words that pack a lot of meaning, so long as you say them correctly. … READ THE REST

The Friday Five

How to Improve SEO for Your Attorney Bio

By | Jan.15.16 | 1 Comment

Friday Five

Clients hire lawyers, not law firms, so it’s no surprise that attorney bio pages are the most frequently visited content on most law firm websites. People come to your website to vet a referral, check on some desired experience or expertise, or put a face to a name. Put simply, a great bio has the power to help turn prospects into clients.

In fact, 85 percent of 209 firms surveyed by LexisNexis said attorney bios were the most visited pages on their sites. A bio with strong search engine optimization (SEO) can increase your visibility when prospects search for your kind of expertise, and it helps them evaluate your qualifications more quickly. … READ THE REST