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Reach Your LinkedIn Goals

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LinkedIn Profile

Using LinkedIn is a lot like any other business development activity. If you don’t know what your goal is, and plan a strategy for achieving it, you won’t accomplish much. At last month’s Legal Marketing Technology Conference West, David Ackert of Practice Boomers had excellent advice on the importance of prioritizing goals and sticking to a strategy when using LinkedIn.

Here are four goals to consider — along with Ackert’s strategies to help you reach them. Note: Ackert stressed that choosing all four of these goals is not a good idea. Prioritize and commit to just one goal to start before you move on to tackle the next. … READ THE REST

Lawyer Marketing Quick-Start Steps

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Friday Five

Sometimes it seems the only business problem you really have is knowing how to get more clients. Sure, people talk about marketing plans, but exactly what plans should you be making? What’s working for others? What should your next priorities be? Well, if you’ve been longing for someone to just tell you what to do (or give you a friendly kick in the butt) … here you go!

For a quick start, here are five baby steps to get you past any inertia and rolling in the right direction. … READ THE REST

Get to the Point

Windyfoggery and Other Writing Tips from the Master

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Get to the Point

Theodore Bernstein created an analog to the economic maxim that bad money drives out good: bad words tend to drive out good ones. Bernstein, a journalist and professor, wrote or co-wrote seven books on grammar and usage. As an addict of grammar and language books, I came upon his “The Careful Writer” from 1965 while browsing in the library. Some of it seems obsolete today, but here are highlights you can use. … READ THE REST

Ask the Experts

What ‘Creative Perks’ Boost Morale?

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Question: For a smaller firm without a huge budget, what kinds of “creative perks” could we offer employees to show appreciation, to help boost morale and motivation?

The truth is, your employees are being asked to do more with less than ever before. If you’re a smart employer, you worry about keeping them happy and motivated. In this edition of “Ask the Experts,” three experts from the Association of Legal Administrators — Lori Ann DeMayo, Ceanne Herndon and Natalie Wagner — tell all about the morale-boosters at their own firms, and share some truly great ideas. … READ THE ANSWERS

Master Styles in Microsoft Word

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Power User Vivian Manning

In this “Power User” series, Vivian Manning has been teaching us the ins and outs of Microsoft Word Styles — helping us understand why they are so necessary and how to apply and customize Styles to suit individual tastes. But as Vivian explains here, Styles aren’t merely for glamming up documents, they can help you produce documents more efficiently, too. … READ THE POST

One of a Kind

Wisdom Marketing: Building Trust, Loyalty and Respect

By | Nov.03.14 | 3 Comments

One of a Kind

“Click.” Did you hear that? That “click” was in your reader’s head. It’s the proverbial light bulb moment when something you wrote resonated and registered with your audience. Someone has taken notice. You’ve just formed a relationship.

That click? That’s the sound of your content marketing working. … READ THE REST