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Stretching the Life of a Law Firm Website

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People who are new to building law firm websites want the process to be as simple and inexpensive as possible. While web developers want the same, they also want you to understand the life expectancy of a law firm website, and what you’ll need to do to maintain your site at peak productivity for as long as possible.

A website is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor, where once you create the product, it’s completely done and you don’t have to attend to it again. Having a website is more like having a puppy. Once you bring it home, you still need to feed it, play with it and keep it clean.

To keep your website healthy and productive, stay on top of these two things … READ MORE

The Enterprising Lawyer: William Marler

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Enterprising Lawyer

Who are these “enterprising lawyers”? Actually, they are easy to spot. Look for the happier, more engaged lawyers. Deeply invested in the power of the work they do for their clients, they seem to have more energy for getting things done than anyone in the crowd. In this interview, we talk with Bill Marler, Managing Partner of “the food safety law firm” Marler Clark.

Bill began representing victims of food-borne illness in 1993, when he represented Brianne Kiner, the most seriously injured survivor of the Jack in the Box E. coli O157:H7 outbreak, resulting in her landmark $15.6 million settlement. … READ MORE

Random Trust Account Audits: Latest Wave of Regulator Concern

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Trust accounting has always been a hot topic for ethics regulators. Understandably, of course, since how lawyers handle their clients’ money goes not only to the heart of the trust between a lawyer and a client, but it can also have wide-ranging ramifications for the public’s perception of the profession. None of us are well-served by headlines about lawyers stealing or mishandling clients’ money.

Right now trust accounting is getting a fresh wave of attention in California as the state bar (the ethics regulator in that state) considers whether to begin instituting random trust account audits. … READ MORE

Trending: Legal Technology on the Rise

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Friday Five Trending

The current state of legal technology is both promising and frustrating. Conferences like LegalTech New York and ABA TECHSHOW, which is currently in full swing, are evidence that legal technology is big business. But uneven adoption across the profession can frustrate tech-savvy lawyers.

From smartphones that perform functions it took 20 different machines to do 20 years ago to apps that can do your job, technology can do amazing things — if you know how to use it. So, in an effort to help you become a better, stronger, faster lawyer (because we have the technology), here’s news of some of the latest developments. … READ MORE

Power User

Ready for Inspection! Word 2013 Document Inspector

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Power User Vivian Manning

Before a new airplane rolls off the production line and is put into service, it undergoes exhaustive inspections until it’s certified as completely airworthy. Even more inspections take place before and after every single flight takes off, for the duration of the plane’s life. The airline industry knows these inspections help eliminate catastrophic air disasters. So when you step on an airplane, you know meticulous inspections have taken place to correct any problems before the wheels leave the ground.

It’s unfortunate that so many lawyers don’t understand the importance of inspections before sending off their documents. They’ll whip out a masterpiece of a claim or defense or demand letter, with nothing more than a spell-check to ensure the most egregious spelling errors are corrected. But no more than that. … READ MORE

Optimize Your Website!

Draw More Visitors with Better Meta Descriptions

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Would you like it if your law firm’s website pages attracted more visitors from search engines? Improving your pages’ meta description tags can help.

Most people agree (and Google has stated) that meta description tags aren’t used as direct search-ranking signals. However, these tags can still have a significant impact on whether searchers click your pages’ listings within search results.

Here’s why. Search engines, like Google, use meta tags to understand all sorts of information about web pages. And one especially important piece of information that search engines may use is a page’s description. Webmasters can communicate that description with the meta description tag … READ MORE