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Anatomy of a Tweet: How to Get the Most Out of Your 140 Characters

By | Apr.01.15 | 3 Comments

Social Media Marketing

Lawyers are routinely told how necessary it is to maintain an active presence on Twitter. With good reason: With 284 million monthly active users (48.2 million of whom reside within the U.S.), it’s a safe bet your potential clients are there.
More importantly, consumers are increasingly turning to social media channels when evaluating purchasing decisions — even legal services. Plus, clients control more of the purchasing journey than ever before — often, by the time they reach out and contact you, they’ve already decided to retain your services. Therefore, it’s become imperative that you remain top-of-mind by communicating, engaging, building trust and establishing relationships with the people who could someday become your clients.

But on a platform where more than 500 million messages are sent every day and the average lifespan of a tweet hovers around 18 minutes before it disappears into a void of cat pictures and TV show spoilers forever, how do you make sure you’re getting return on your social media investment? … READ THE REST


Just Passed the Bar: Want to Go Solo?

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You’ve finished law school and passed the bar. Now the youthful energy that carried you through six, seven or eight years of higher education needs to focus on paying the bills. If you are like many new attorneys, you are carrying six figures of debt on your back. So what if you’re part of a trend? It still feels like a very personal, very heavy load.

Should you look for a job in a local or state government agency? With a nonprofit? At an established firm? Or maybe you’ll start all by yourself in a solo law practice? There are many factors to consider about setting up shop, from practice area to personality fit, to items related to dollars and cents (or sense). However, for many new lawyers, the most important issue is money.

If starting your own practice sounds appealing, let me give you a few tips from my own experience. … READ THE REST

Getting & Giving Referrals, Part 2

Nuts and Bolts of Getting and Giving Referrals

By | Mar.30.15 | 0 Comments

lawyer referral network

You’ve invested time and energy in creating a referral network, but building the network wasn’t an end in itself. The goal is getting and giving the referrals you need to sustain and grow your practice. So, when the calls start coming in, what do you do? And how can you make good referrals for your own clients? … READ THE REST

Friday Five+ Tech Tips

Tech Tips: Best Note-Taking Apps and Tactics

By | Mar.27.15 | 2 Comments

Tech Tips Friday Five

For our new Friday Five+ Tech Tips, we’ve invited a dream team of law practice technology experts to tell us their best advice for tackling the everyday tech quandaries that plague us all, to help your practice run just a bit more smoothly. The first question: “What’s your favorite tech tip for taking notes in meetings — and using them once you’ve written, typed or recorded them?”

Here are this month’s top tips and note-taking apps from experts Heidi Alexander, Jim Calloway, Erik Mazzone, Catherine Sanders Reach, Nora Regis and Lee Rosen …

A Curmudgeon's Perspective

When You Find Yourself in a Hole

By | Mar.26.15 | 3 Comments

Otto Sorts

“I don’t know what to do!” he cried. “Now we’re forming committees to make decisions.”

I had listened to his travails for the last year as his firm slowly moldered. Morale was bad, profits had slipped down over time, senior partners had become unhappy with their compensation, and the firm’s reputation had taken a couple of hits.

“Worst of all,” he lamented, “they hired a new consultant that has us rebranding, changing the letterhead and arguing about website features. They’re looking for rainmakers in markets we’ve never been in.” … READ THE REST

Law Firm Marketing

Getting Real: Four Social Media Lessons

By | Mar.25.15 | 0 Comments

Social Media

Gabriel Cheong started his own law firm straight out of law school. One year later he purchased the law firm where he once interned. Now Gabriel runs Infinity Law Group while blogging, tweeting and marketing his firm. He’ll be one of four speakers participating in this year’s “Lightening Round: Avvo Success Stories” May 13 at Lawyernomics 2015. We asked him to share some hard-earned lessons he’s learned using social media for his family law practice.

Unless you’re willing — and financially able — to employ someone to coordinate all of your law practice’s social media, chances are you’re doing it yourself, when time allows. I’m a lawyer, not a social media “expert,” though I have worked with some so-called experts for my firm. Here’s what I’ve come to realize about using social media for your law firm. … READ THE REST