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Are Law Firm Homepages Really Dead? (And If So, So What?)

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Law Firm Homepage

Apparently the jury’s out on whether traffic to your website’s homepage is declining. My own analysis shows law firm homepage traffic has been relatively unchanged over the past two years, though law firm website strategist Robert Algeri says his clients have experienced a 17 percent decline, and well-known legal blogger Kevin O’Keefe says homepages, as the “foyer” to firm websites, are in demise.

I don’t dispute Algeri’s numbers. We were measuring different things in our analyses. Algeri was intent on capturing the number of people arriving to a site via its homepage, while I really didn’t care how they arrived. If homepages were truly “dying,” I reasoned that it didn’t matter whether the homepage was the 1st, 2nd or 10th page viewed. Instead, I looked at total homepage visits versus the rest of the website.

But, ignoring the numbers for a moment, let’s ask the more important question: “So what?” … READ THE REST

Pricing Lessons from Summer Camp

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Pricing Lessons

Nobody likes talking about money with clients. Nobody. But the conversation gets a whole lot easier when you are confident in what you do, and what you’re worth. Right? Maintaining the needed level of self-assurance, though, might be the hardest part when talking price.

Well, at WordCamp Chicago last month, Chris Lema and Steve Zehngut offered their philosophies on fees during “15 Tweets About Pricing” — along with some great stories that were right on point. WordCamps are community-organized meetups where developers, coders, designers and “casual users” hone their skills and share advice on improving their businesses. Not exactly the place you’d expect practice tips for lawyers. But Lema, who is VP of Software Engineering at Emphasys Software and a popular blogger, and Zehngut, who heads Zeek.com, had advice on fee setting that any enterprising lawyer can use. … READ THE REST

On-the-Go Productivity

Four Powerful Mobile Apps for Accessing Your Files

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Whether or not you consider yourself a mobile lawyer, we’re all part of a professional community and society that embraces mobile technology. That means our clients and opposing counsel expect us to be able to access files and research at any time and anywhere — just like they do.

Once I would have called myself “old school” with respect to technology, but my practice and work habits have evolved, by necessity, to suit a mobile world. These days, if I get a call from a client or opposing counsel, it’s simply not acceptable for me to say, “I don’t have the file.” I’ve had to take my practice to a new level. And now, thanks to my smartphone and iPad, I am able to work any time and be much more productive. If I am waiting for a deposition to begin, for my case to be called, or even to pick up my kids’ carpool, I can be drafting a quick memo or returning calls because I can get what I need and I’m prepared. … READ THE REST

Power User

Use New School Legal Technology

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Power User Vivian Manning

I recently read an article, Why old school attitudes to technology are hitting law firm profitability, by Neil Cameron, who beautifully sets out the profitability argument for lawyers and staff to properly use the legal technology at their disposal. I recommend you head there and read it (don’t worry – it’s not very long!).

You see, I heartily agree with him: Most lawyers and staff do not properly use the most basic tool of their workday — Microsoft Word. Yes, everyone knows how to put their hands on the keyboard, to open and save a new document, and to type. They even know how to send the document as an email attachment. But there’s a way to do it, and then there’s a way to do it efficiently — as a word processor, not as a typewriter. … READ THE REST

Best Way to Handle Staff Performance Problems?

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Performance Evaluation

Question: What’s the best way to deal with staff performance problems? It seems like attempting to work them out during performance evaluation discussions between the assistant and the lawyer she works for is just going to erode their working arrangement. Is there a better way?

In this edition of “Ask the Experts,” Attorney at Work’s Merrilyn Astin Tarlton joins Rick D’Aversa and Natalie Wagner, from the Association of Legal Administrators, to offer excellent pointers. READ THE ANSWERS

Trending: Content-Driven Website Traffic

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Friday Five Trending

The Internet was alive this past month with lots of law firm website-related news. Among the most noticeable trends: the decline of home page traffic, the need for constantly new content and the importance of personalizing your social media messages. Ready to rev up your own content-creation machine? In this month’s Friday Five Trending, Kandy Hopkins points to the links you’ll need. … READ THE REST