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Nine Ways to Enhance Your Online Job Application

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job application

The wait to hear about an online job application is often too long, and the process is often discouraging. If you don’t have a personal connection to the employer, it will be difficult to get through the screening process without matching most of the job’s posted requirements. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply if you feel you’re a good fit, but rather that you should keep your expectations in check — and try not to do anything that will harm your application.

Of course, you should try to find a connection through LinkedIn and your other network. Even if you don’t have a connection that will usher your application quickly through the online gauntlet, however, there are things you can do to significantly improve your chances of getting it into the right hands. Below are just a few. READ THE REST

Tips for the Well-Dressed (Male) Lawyer

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Black Tie

Every new parent knows there are far more clothing options for baby girls than for baby boys. While selections have improved in the past decade or so, it can still be a struggle to find outfits for the little gents that aren’t emblazoned with footballs or baseballs, or that aren’t blue, blue and blue. Fast-forward into adulthood, and things haven’t changed much as far as the narrow clothing selection goes. Although, thankfully, I haven’t seen anyone sporting a baby blue Lil’ Slugger T-shirt during their opening statement.

Given the fact that men’s fashion options aren’t infinite, particularly for the most formal professional occasions, such as appearing in court or meeting with clients, what’s a guy to do? Here are three basic tips for staying snappy. … READ THE REST

Nothing But the Ruth

Want to Be More Efficient? Unplug!

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Nothing But the Ruth

Let me tell you a secret — the biggest distraction in my life is me. No, I’m not wasting time playing Angry Birds or watching Netflix. My challenge? I’m so well-trained to react the moment my laptop or phone lights up, chimes or rings that it’s become a time-suck. My response is almost Pavlovian.

And every time I look at my phone or check my email, those are seconds or minutes that I’m not working on my current project. Then I have to use up more time refocusing on the task at hand. It’s not a lot of time in each instance, but in aggregate it adds up.

So here’s what I’ve done … READ THE REST

The Friday Five

Heads Up: All Headshots Are Not Created Equal

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Friday Five

An earlier post talked about the importance of getting a professional headshot as a smart way to introduce yourself online and establish your brand. But do you know what potential clients are looking for in a photo?

Leigh McMillan does.

As vice president of marketing for Avvo, an online guide that offers legal advice and helps consumers research and find attorneys, her company recently investigated the top factors in how consumers choose an attorney. Research included results from a survey of 10,000 consumers along with focus groups and real-time observation of the choice process online.

The top criteria? Responsiveness. When probed further, consumers overwhelmingly said “what the lawyer looks like” is wrapped up in this. “In fact,” says McMillan, “looks are more important than where they went to law school.” READ THE REST

Productivity Tips

E-signature Questions Beating Your Paperless Plans?

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So you made the decision to go paperless. You’ve grasped the concepts and technology you need and your systems are mostly set. But when you need to get someone’s signature on a document, your best-laid plans come to a screeching halt. That process typically involves printing the document, hand-signing it yourself, mailing or scanning or faxing to the other party — and then waiting for them to print, sign and mail, fax or scan and send it back to you, where it’s printed yet a third time and filed away in a cabinet forever.

It’s anything but paperless. It’s antiquated busy work. And, yes, there is a better way: Use e-signing tools. … READ THE REST


What to Expect of Your Marketing Campaign

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Legal Marketing Experts

If your firm doesn’t have vast experience in marketing, or in any of its parts, you have no way of knowing what to expect from your marketing efforts. Why shouldn’t anyone expect a rush of clients, for example, from a single ad — unless you have been educated very specifically in what an ad can and can’t do? Why shouldn’t a marketing campaign produce a rapid return of inquiries from a well-developed ad campaign?

There are too many cases of law firm partners expecting that press releases will be printed verbatim, that interviews will be reported accurately, that a three-day sales training course will double the size of the clientele within weeks. … READ THE REST